Phonegap Frameworks

How Far We Have Come

Who Am I ?

Sani Yusuf

  • Currently working on Network Global App
  • Phonegapper from day one 
  • Keen Google Glass explorer 
  • Aspiring Tech Renaissance Man


Why Am I Here?

  • Stone ages of Phonegap (Notobi)
  • Early efforts 
  • Major setbacks  
  • Efforts today 
  • What the future holds

Awareness Awareness Awareness

In The Beginning

Native ruled

Few native developers 

Way more web developers 

Along Came Cordova

Write HTML5 & JS

Deploy everywhere 

Apps For Everyone

Things Nobody Told Me 

Phonegap != UI

Errm where is the degubber?

Why soo slow?

So its great. Who is using it?

The Good Early Efforts

The HTML5 Promise

Finally Some UI

Finally Some Important People 

The Future Looking Bright in 2011

The Backstabbing Begins

Facebook RIP (2011 - 2012)

Instagram Leaves 

Linkedin Leaves 

HTML5 Doesn't Deliver Due To Browser Wars

Grow a pair browser vendors, you are delaying a generation of awesomeness. 

Brace Yourselves 

Frameworks To The Rescue


Active Community


Frequent Updates


Ionic Framework

If you love angular, you will love Ionic

Kick ass CSS themes (SASS-able)

Community that cares


Solid Docs

Want More?

No DOM, just JS.

Performance obsessed. Promises 60fps

Top notch animations

Angular Integration

Famous University


Made by 

Focuses solely on IOS

Tons of IOS specific UI components

Killer IOS swipe back feature

Don't believe me, see for yourself 

Custom DOM library & MVC-able


By Google's chrome team

All about material design

Web components

Very device adaptive

Has its own binding magic

Ionic team working on Angular material shhh

Show Me

Fork Yacine's polymer experiment

Onsen UI


Built with angular

Shorter learning curve

Drag and drop studio

Jquery tolerant

Go Ratchet

Skinned for both Android & IOS

Almost 10k * on Github 

Beautiful UI Components

Shortest learning curve

MVC free

Sorry Native

Phonegappers are taking over

Growth Accelerators

Standardize HTML5

Firefox OS

Its all about buttery smooth performance

Get big boys involved

Keep Phonegapping

Watch Out for




There is hope


Apps should not be platform agnostic

Consistent performance

Write once deploy once


Phonegap Frameworks

By Sani Yusuf

Phonegap Frameworks

A brief history about Phonegap, the setbacks and efforts made early on. An overview of some great frameworks including Ionic,, Framework7, Polymer and GoRatchet. A brief overview of what the future holds and other phonegap helpers to watch out for.

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