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Me Myself & I

Sani Yusuf

  • Founder Of Haibrid
  • Author Of Ionic By Example
  • Writer - Trainer - Coder
  • Professional Papi-Water (I Love The Sea)
  • Travelling Around The World Since Dec 2015
  • Speak 4 Languages
  • I Love Avatar & Jollof :)


So Why Am I Here Today?

To Show You How You Can Build A Great Mobile Solution

The State Of Mobile

  • Primary way we access the internet
  • Penetration still not saturated
  • Developing world at the center of this
  • It's all about Apps Apps Apps

Everyone Wants A Mobile App

But What Is A Mobile App?

Most People Think This

What About This Guy?

The mobile web is a mobile app too. Just because you cannot download it doesn't mean it is not a mobile app.

Mobile Apps Are About Mobility Not Devices

It is not about the how it is about the "need to get done". You really don't want to be seen trying to get an Uber on a 17 inch MacBook. Trust me 

Let's Learn To Build A Mobile App

Type Of Mobile Apps

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Web Apps
    • Progressive Web Apps (We Will Cover This Later)
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps

Native Apps

Native Mobile Apps

  • Built With The Native Tools Provided By Platform Vendors
  • Full Access To Device APIS
  • Ready Made Building Blocks/Components
    • Swift/Objective-C & IOS SDK For IOS
    • Java/C++ & Android SDK For Android
    • .NET & Windows Universal SDK For Windows
  • Go This Route If -:
    • You have the require pre-defined skill set 
    • High-Performance Gaming / BG Processing
    • Need Full Access To Device Features
    • Great For Offline
    • Got Plenty ££+$$+€€

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps

  • Web Pages Optimised For Mobile Usage
  • Win The Discoverability & Sharability War
  • Work On Any Mobile Device With A Browser
  • Don't Have Full Access To Device Features  
  • Only Need To Be Developed Once
  • Very Upgradable
  • When To Go This Route :-
    • Have An Existing Vibrant Web App
    • Offline Is Not Paramount
    • Depends On Your Requirements. 
      • Uber doesn't have a mobile web app
      • Neither Does Snapchat

Hybrid Apps

  • Combines Both Native & Hybrid
  • Installable + Has Access To Device Features
  • High Code Reusability Between Platforms
  • Bundled Within A Native Wrapper
    • Thanks To Phonegap/Cordova
  • Go This Path If :-
    • You Don't Require Complex BG Processing
    • Are Aware Of Hybrid's Limitation
    • Want To Write Your App Once & Have It Run Everywhere While Being Installable
    • Harness An Exisiting Web App
      • Amazon + Slack + Ebay

So What Path To Choose?

Let You User Requirements Decide?

Don't Be This Guy/Girl

I want a mobile app, it will end world hunger and make jollof rice free while displacing facebook as the top social network. Oh it will also use Node & Java with some C++ and be hosted on aws, use php for its API................zzzzzzzzzz

Focus On Your User Reqs

Now Let's See Some Tools To Help You Complete Your App

Backend / Service ​Infrastructure 

  • You don't need to completely start from scratch
  • There is a lot to consider
    • Auth
    • Data Storage
    • API Access
    • Server
    • Scaling
  • It is 2016, it is okay to let someone else take over your sh*t.
    • I won't tell anyone you did only if you bribe me with Jollof :)


Monitor Your Users




Engage Where You Can


Let's Talk Money

Making Money From Your App


Consider This 

  • Apps Have To Work Offline
  • Consider Your Users
    • Disability
    • Language
  • Use HTTPS For Everything
  • User Experience Is Key
  • But Dont Forget To Implement A Good Design Too
  • Copy Copy From Others
    • Seriously copying is cool

Final Words

  • Focus On Mobility
  • A Bit About Progressive Web Apps
    • Mobile Web Apps That Can Have A Native App Experience
    • You Can Save To Your Home Screen
    • Google Is Pushing Seriosly
      • Hopefully The iSheep Family Joins
    • Examples
  • You Should Know About The WIT Initiative

Find Me Online. 


I Don't Bite. Ok, Maybe A Little :)

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From Zero To Mobile: 4Loop Abuja

By Sani Yusuf

From Zero To Mobile: 4Loop Abuja

Building a mobile solution from ground up while suggesting tools and platforms to help get a mobile solution to fruition.

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