Adobe Photoshop CC

Design with colors and shapes, retouch scanned photos, assemble, alienate and systematically edit graphics. In our online course you will learn how to use Photoshop professionally.

You learn how you do

  • Set and operate tools, palettes, options and aids correctly,
  • do magic with the magic wand,
  • Editing, alienating and retouching graphics,
  • Select the correct file format and resolution (print / web).


Adobe Photoshop CC. Basics of MAC or Windows. In the course room you can choose which version you want to learn and work with. You can download a trial version of Photoshop. It is now also possible to lease the program on a monthly basis. So you don't have to buy the program right away.

Target group:

This course is the right training for you if you want to creatively and professionally edit and create graphics with Photoshop (graphic artist, designer, layout artist, webmaster, web designer).

The content of photoshop learning

  1. What is an image editing program: What can an image editing program do? Pixel-oriented - vector-oriented programs, presets in Photoshop
  2. Dealing with documents: The file menu, context menu, program interface, file operations and information
  3. Aids: views and image display, screen mode, rulers, dimensions, auxiliary lines and grids, the info palette
  4. Palettes in Photoshop: Working with Palettes, the Tool Palette, Overview
  5. Tool palette and tool options: tools and tool options , image setting commands: gradation curves and tonal value correction
  1. Basic working techniques: Selecting: selection tools / selection commands, creating selection areas, changing selection areas, working with selection contents
  2. Working with layers:, transformation commands, the layers palette, transforming layers and selected picture elements
  3. Basic knowledge about images: image size, image resolution, file size, color mode, bits & bytes, file size, image resolution, interpolation methods, color mode
  4. File formats for the WWW: GIF, JPEG, PNG, save files for the web
  5. Selected tools: paint and text tools , create shadows, gradient and stamp tools

Course duration and start:

The course can start at any time. The course scope is 40 hours with a course duration of 3 months. An extension is possible without additional costs.

Funding opportunities:

  • Education voucher from the Employment Agency / Job Center (AZAV)
  • Federal education bonus, federal state education check, BFD of the Federal Armed Forces
  • Discounts for schoolchildren, trainees, students, for severe disabilities and for self-payers

Adobe Photoshop CC download

  • supervised, practical tasks and exercises
  • This course is state-tested and approved.
  • You will acquire extensive specialist knowledge in a short period of time.
  • You can print out the course material completely.
  • The printed course has a volume of 200 pages.
  • 24h hotline, you will receive an answer to your questions by email within 24 hours.
  • You will be looked after by experienced specialists.
  • You learn actively and with modern media.

photoshop cc

Learn Photoshop on the Internet

Adobe Photoshop is used for image processing on the PC. It is possible to adjust the image size in different units, the number of pixels is responsible for the quality of an image, in the Photoshop course you will learn to use different color modes. The files can be saved in different formats. In the Photoshop course we will show you how you can edit and create images with different tools. In this way, you will be able to edit your personal images or graphics after a short time and achieve optimal results.

Apply image corrections in the Photoshop course

Different types of corrections, as you learn Photoshop, can be used to correct or edit images in different ways. Various settings ensure that colors in the image can be corrected, brightness adjusted or edited with the auto-correction function. In the Photoshop course, we will show you how you can use different filters to process your images so that perfect results are achieved. Before using the filters, we recommend making a copy of the original in order to undo changes that are undesirable as a result at any time.
Selected image elements can be transformed in Photoshop in a number of ways. Here you have the option of changing the size and shape as you wish, elements can be rotated around a pivot point. A shape grid in Photoshop can be used as a tool to facilitate the correction of image content. Various elements in the image can be released by using masks and a specific selection and edited independently of all other content. With us you can learn Photoshop and we will show you step by step how you can edit your own pictures and graphics in the future.

Learning on the Internet - Photoshop download

Learning Photoshop means that you will learn how to use Photoshop professionally, we will show you how options and aids, tools and palettes can be perfectly set and operated. You can use the magic wand, different graphics can be edited, retouched or edited. You will also learn how to optimally choose the file format and resolution of the images. This Photoshop course is for you if you want to be professional, creative and edit and create a variety of graphics and photos.

تحميل فوتوشوب عربي

Adobe Photoshop as an important tool in image processing

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics program that offers countless options for image processing. Our Adobe Photoshop course provides you with practical knowledge for professional use in image processing. You can easily edit portraits or other subjects with retouching. With a photo montage, different elements can be put together quickly. Even old black and white photos can be edited so that they shine in color.
With the digital processing of photos, you can edit or retouch small and large defects. If you learn Photoshop you can edit portrait images so that skin areas are balanced out, the impurities of the skin can be minimized and attractive details can be perfectly presented. Existing wrinkles and fine lines can be completely removed so that the skin is given an even structure. A smooth and even complexion is the result of perfect image processing. The eyes in your photo appear much brighter and the teeth can shine much whiter. Photoshop offers unimaginable possibilities for editing your photos.

Adobe Photoshop CC

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Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC. Basics of MAC or Windows. In the course room you can choose which version you want to learn and work with. You can download a trial version of Photoshop

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