R Introduction







  • Purdue University
    • PhD Candidate in Statistics (start of 5th Year)
    • Dr. William Cleveland and Dr. Ryan Hafen
    • Research in large data visualization using R
    • .org
  • Metamarkets.com - 1.5 years
    • San Francisco startup
    • Front end engineer - coffee script / node.js
  • Iowa State University
    • B.S. in Computer Engineering
    • Research in statistical data visualization with R
      • ​Dr. Di Cook, Dr. Hadley Wickham, and Dr. Heike Hofmann

Download R & RStudio

(Personal Machines)

  • R
    • www.r-project.org
    • "language"
  • RStudio
    • Bullet Two
    • "interface" (IDE)

A (very) short
introduction to R - CRAN

By Torfs and Brauer



An Introduction to R - CRAN

(long, outdated plotting, & boring... but very thorough)

drstat R Intro

By Barret Schloerke

drstat R Intro

  • 890

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