Shirley Wu


  • Business major, CS minor (2012)
  • Classes with Dan:
    • Freshman Spring: CS3
    • Junior Fall: CS9G? (Python)
      • Dan: "CS minor?"
      • Me: "probably not 😕"
    • Senior Fall: CS61C
      • Me: "ok CS minor"
  • First job: software eng at big data company
    • Manager: "do you want to learn D3.js?"

Data visualization freelancer

(I build highly interactive data visualizations for the web)

Not mind-blowing advice

  1. Workforce and imposter syndrom: it's going to be ok.
  2. Career: do what you enjoy (and can obsess over), not what makes you the most money*.
  3. Integrity and sincerity.


*but make sure it pays you enough to live off of.

Berkeley CS10 Alumni Panel

By Shirley Wu

Berkeley CS10 Alumni Panel

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