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AWS Blockchain Templates

Many enterprises are keen to test blockchain technology or create decentralized applications but are not willing to make a considerable investment right away. The AWS blockchain templates provide an ideal option for such companies.

Enterprises can set up the blockchain instantly and can keep their focus entirely on building their DAPPS(Decentralized applications). AWS provides two template options – Ethereum or Hyperledger fabric. Both frameworks offer distributed consensus, smart contracts, and access control features. The templates also include components that help the customers manage, monitor and browse the blockchains

AWS Blockchain Templates use Docker containers stored in Amazon ECR to deploy blockchain software. The AWS Blockchain Template for Ethereum offers two choices for the Container Platform :

  • ecs—Specifies that Ethereum runs on an Amazon ECS cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.

  • docker-local—Specifies that Ethereum runs on a single EC2 instance.

Using the Amazon ECS Container Platform

Using the Docker-Local Platform

Setting Up AWS Blockchain Templates


The AWS Blockchain Template for Ethereum configuration that you specify in this tutorial requires that you do the following:

Set Up Prerequisites

Setting up the docker-local

The template

Setting up the docker-local

  • Discard everything related to the load balancer, bastion server, security group.
  • Auto Assign Public IP is enabled for the subnet
  • fill anything in the ecs part in the form to be able to submit it (some malfunction in the form )
  • EthStats—Use http://ec2-IP-address

  • EthExplorer—Use http://ec2-IP-address:8080

  • EthJsonRpc—Use http://ec2-IP-address:8545



After The instances are deployed up and running 

Beautifull Explorer

Ether Stat

Thank You 

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Aws blockchain templates

By Simon Tadros

Aws blockchain templates

Deploy ethereum docker-local image using the aws template .

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