Js Beirut 2016

The Rise Of Iot.js

Why Javascript ?

  1. Much of the Internet already speaks JavaScript
  2. We can share functionality
  3. Existing libraries, plugins, and APIs
  4. JavaScript is great at event driven apps
  5. JavaScript has matured as a language
  6. Data
  7. JavaScript is open
  8. JavaScript is a nicer choice for new developers
  9. An incredible community

It has already begun...

NODE.JS Packages

  1. Mosca is a node.js mqtt broker, which can be used: Standalone or Embedded in another Node.js application

  2. Socket.IO "Aims to make realtime apps possible in every browser and mobile device, blurring the differences between the different transport mechanisms. It's care-free realtime 100% in JavaScript.

  3. Johnny-five "Firmata based Arduino Framework"

  4. Nodebots "NodeBots are robots that are controlled by node.js."

  5. Node-serialport  "Node.js package to access serial ports for reading and writing"

  6. Duino "Arduino framework for node.js"

  7. EventedArduino "Evented Arduino and Node.js"

  8.  Heimcontrol.js " Awesome home automation with Raspberry PI and Arduino using Node.js, MongoDB, HTML5 and Websockets"

  9. Resin "Javascript ony our devices,as simple as'git push'"

  10. Pijs.io "Pijs.io is a cloud-platform to write embedded applications for your Raspberry Pi, in JavaScript''

Supported Hardware 

The internet as a network had the potential to become like a neurvos system if we add sensing capability


JavaScript has a large and passionate community that I hope will show that same excitement and passion, bringing their skillset to the Internet of Things in ways nobody will see coming.

Nicolas elmir
Simon Tadros 





The rise of iot.js

By Simon Tadros

The rise of iot.js

JS Beirut 2016

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