what we are creating 

We are creating a new experience in real life RPG gaming methodologies with the support of advanced motion wearables and sensors .

Technology and Hardware :

Wearable hardware rig attached to the hand , Used as controller with motion sensors ,gyroscope,lcd screen , voice command ,speakers , wifi ,eddystone beacon, 3g  cellular and LBE enabled communication .

Mobile app companion android , ios and virtual fight simulation using mobile phone for augmented reality experience  developed in project phase 2 

Technology used :

Wearable conceptual Sketch
Game mechanics overview & link to hardware :

InqUiry is based on rpg mechanics where player have to upgrade their skills and level up to fight battles against other clans .

The game is based on geolocation and farming where mobs, items , spawn randomly on world map following complex algorithm based on different factors .

Battleground, arenas and Fights are led by different clans with multiple players in one location to claim different badge of ownership on physical spaces . The battles will be conducted by motion sensor hardware rig in real life against other rigged opponents.

Bridging between the virtual world and the real word:

Creating real life arenas where users get to use there virtually accumulated skills in a fun battle where they get to look in each other eyes where they will be able to cast spells in an endless competition .

Target audience and demographics 

international audience:

  1. Primary Target: 18+ Hard core RPG gamer that want to create a bridge between the material and immaterial world.
  2. Secondary Target: 18+ Casual gamers that wants an extra edge in the gaming world through real life social interaction
  3. Third target: 18+ social gamers that want to step from the dry virtual social world and step into the real world where they get to make new friends.
Community we are looking For



ingress community (duration 1.5 min) 

  • Venues direct sponsoring for battles (international chains , cities,brands)
  • Time biding by advancing in the game
  • Sponsored fights
  • Inquiry device purchase and/or licensing
  • Niantic labs, owned by Google
  • Pokemon GO by Nintendo/Niantic labs
Production Cycle and Timeline 
Business development  Competition Competition
Esport events
Growth and scaling
Sustainable partnerships

3 years projection

Amount 30k $ 750k $ 3m $ 10m $
Software game First prototype mechanics
gameplay testing
Game Release
community feature response/up
Hardware POC advanced poc
industrial design 
additional func
first prototype
Mass production

 The funds needed to produce a working proof of concept of the hardware rig are $30,000. The full fund will cover 5 months salaries and equipment to create the POC.

What we are asking for 

Ziad Feghali the CEO and co-founder of the leading gaming company in the MENA region. 

 Te        m  

Simon Tadros .Raspberry pi / arduino hacker Nodejs jedi internet of things Developer . his religion is javascript

        /Evilqubit                     /Conversionpoint      

Salim Matta Digital artist , Graphic & Game designer . Portfolio

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By Simon Tadros


rpg geolocation game by cooldown labs

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