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Introduction to AWS AppSync

AWS Amplify Toolchain & Client Libraries

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Query language for APIs.

Declarative way of fetching and updating data.

AWS AppSync


AWS AppSync Features

  • Managed GraphQL Service
  • Connect to your resources in AWS Account -
    • Lambda, API Gateway, NoSQL/SQL, ElasticSearch
  • Built-in offline support
  • Enterprise level security features
  • Simple and scalable real-time synchronization using GraphQL subscriptions

CLI Toolchain & Client Library

AWS Amplify

CLI Toolchain

AWS Amplify

  • Create AWS service.
  • Update & delete AWS services.
  • Hosting for static websites & assets.
  • Run & Debug your functions locally.
  • Using cloud formation provider.
  • GraphQL CodeGen

Client Libraries

AWS Amplify

  • Connect & interact with cloud services
  • UI Components for popular front-end libraries
    • Authentication
    • S3
    • GraphQL
    • Chatbot
    • XR scenes
  • Angular, Ionic, React, React Native, Vue

GraphQL Transforms

AWS Amplify

The GraphQL Transform provides a simple to use abstraction that helps you quickly create backends for your web and mobile applications on AWS


AWS Amplify

@model - Objects annotated with @model are stored in Amazon DynamoDB Table

@connection - Relations with other models

@searchable - Streamed into Amazon Elastic Search

@auth - Access Controls

@function - Configure AWS Lambda resolvers


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Building Serverless GraphQL using AWS Amplify

By Sivamuthu Kumar

Building Serverless GraphQL using AWS Amplify

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