Progressive Web Apps in Rails

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Dear Sophie,

What is a progressive web app?


Sincerely, the audience

The Goal:

Create a Progressive web app following Rails conventions


  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design Lite
  • Foundation
  • Any other CSS that is designed to be fully responsive

Connectivity Independent

  • Cache all the things!!
  • Register a service worker

That part was kinda difficult

  • The asset's pipeline and it's digested URLs

  • The service worker must be at the root

  • Workarounds to be able to use CoffeeScript or Erb can be very ugly

  • Cache data that can change often is most likely to bite you


  • Very subjective
  • Material Design Lite is app-like


  • Be wise on cache usage
  • The asset's pipeline can help you


  • Force SSL usage in config
  • Dev mode with 
  • Enabled on Heroku for staging


  • Use the manifest
  • The service worker
  • Robots and devices can easily identify it as an app


  • Value of your application + engagement features
  • Push notifications


  • The manifest and service worker
  • Icon on the home screen
  • Customization
  • Add a banner to encourage installation
  • However, as a low penetration rate


  • If you do a single page application, keep in mind the urls
  • Rails RESTful routes for the win

Build your own

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Progressive Web Apps

By Sophie Déziel

Progressive Web Apps

I gave that talk on February 16th 2016 at Montreal.rb meetup.

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