PLA Phase 3


Ohio TechNet & California



Clock is Ticking!

'Due' end of November




Learning Objectives

(Marketing Funnel)

PLA Marketing Funnel

As a Client, I would like to ask a visitor a bunch of leading questions so that they have hope of gaining credit through my system and create petitions.

Note: not-quite-required

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PLA Learning Outcomes

As an Assessor, I would like courses to have clearly defined Learning Outcomes/Objectives, so that I can properly assess whether students petitioning for credit are worthy for said credit.

Learning Outcomes In the Wild

How do Learning Outcomes fit into our process?

PLA Rubrics

As an Assessor, I would like a standardized Rubric to evaluate students' petitions with so that the credit-awarding process is more objective.

PLA Rubrics

In the Wild

How do Rubrics fit into our PLA process?

Rubric-Specific Stories


By Stachu Korick