Magnus Carlsen's Breakfast

Or: The New Style Of A.I.

Stefan Reich,, Apr 10 2017

Example Programs

Step 1:
Concepts instead of words

  • Magnus Carlsen => zlydvmmyckgcyrak
  • Norway => iuqmfbyjyxmfxntn
  • The advantage: Concepts are easier to handle and WAY more clearly defined than English words.


Concepts have...

Concepts have...

What does the A.I. do?

  • Translate english to concepts
  • Translate concepts back to english
  • Relate concepts
  • Apply rules
  • Search for patterns
  • Collect information
  • Clean up the database

What About Synonyms?

  • Synonyms are just concepts related to each other in the concept database

Multiple Meanings Are Not A Problem

The Meta-Level

  • This is the key concept for real A.I.:
    Talking to the A.I. about itself.
  • It is not a problem - our A.I. handles any thought structure, whatever the subject is.

Thought Webs

Thought webs = primary means of thought

(simple example)

Another Thought Web

What can we represent in an A.I.?

Anything that can be described with words!

  • Everyday knowledge
  • Math
  • Feelings
  • Jokes
  • Abstract ideas

What about programming?

  • We can talk to the A.I. about programs
  • The A.I. will learn to analyze and even generate programs
  • Manual programming is slowly phased out!

Technical Basis

  • My A.I.s are implemented in "JavaX", a Java dialect.
  • No installation required
    • Just get Java and run a single file (x30.jar)
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android
  • So far it's all open source

What Can We Do Today?

  • We can build small A.I. applications in short time
    (~ 1 day)
  • We mainly use natural language (English) to describe everything
  • Programming effort will become ever closer to zero with each application
  • In a few months time, hopefully no more programming will be required for anything (!).

It's Time for Commerce!


  • First A.I.s are cheap!
  • Introductory offer:
    Get a small custom A.I. for 50 €

Any Questions? :)

Magnus Carlsen's Breakfast

By Stefan Reich

Magnus Carlsen's Breakfast

The New Style Of A.I.

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