Real-time webcam eyetracking
Eye tracking in Neuromarketing
  1. Learning Goals
1. Read to get familiar with eyetracking and how it is used in marketing [PRE-LECTURE]

​2. Overview basics of visual interaction with a screen


3. What is webcam eyetracking?

4. Intro to Adsata & Demo study


5. Discussion: implications for digital marketing
2.Overview - 
basics of visual interaction with a screen
“If we know where a pilot is looking, we do not necessarily know what he(or she) is thinking, but we know something of what he(or she)is thinking about.” 
    -Fitts et. al. 1950
the process of capturing the gaze location within a display, 
Eye tracking
extensively used in usability studies, psychology, human-computer interaction, and marketing. 
Visual interaction w/ the screen
Figure 2: Gaze points are spatially and temporally aggregated into fixations (20-50 pxls). Fixations are connected by saccades and have a certain duration represented by the radius. A temporal order of fixations is a gaze, however, only if the fixations are within an AOI. An AOI is a region of specific interest on the stimulus. A saccade from one AOI to the next is called a transition. A complete sequence of fixations and saccades is called a scanpath.
(Blascheck, T. et al., 2014)
3.What is webcam based eyetracking?
The Problem w/ Eyetracking Hardware
1. The setup and operation of modern eye trackers is time-consuming 
2. A specialist is needed to calibrate them and be present throughout the experiment 
3. This leads to highly-controlled user studies with artificial tasks and only a small number of participants
4. Their steep price, which rises to tens of thousands of dollars/euros, restricts their use to labs that can afford them
The Solution...
democratize eye tracking by using common webcams already present in laptops and desktops. 
1. These contributions make eye tracking accessible to everyday users, researchers, and developers.

2. Traditional eye tracking studies that are confined to labs can now be performed remotely and at scale.

3. Subjects can participate in studies in their everyday environments which can yield a more naturalistic behaviour and lead to more powerful insights.

4. Make eye tracking affordable.
Process Automation




2. Creating Eyetracking studies


3. Inviting participants and collect data
4. Visualisations and metrics


1. Formulate a hypothesis
5. Understand  the results

(need people to know how to frame hypothesis and understand eyetracking data)

(Adsata does this for you)
Learning from past...
Learning from past...
4.Intro to Adsata & Test Study
How do we collect data?
                                    "timestamp": 91778.10499997577,
                                    "x": 447.13958123568386,
                                    "y": 295.2291818763661,
                                    "label": ""
JSON sent to DB
Replay/visualise/analyse data
A note on accuracy
  1. w: 786 px
Implications for Neuromarketing


Cognitive Psychology



- Makes eyetracking more accessible for neuroscientific marketing

- Aids agile testing

- Ethical dilemma: how far should the subconscious be triggered, that's always the question

Let's do a study
Imagine you have recently broken your bike lock and want to order a new one. So you go to Amazon and narrow it down to three different bike locks, you search the page of each product and decide which one to buy.
  1. You will see 3 stims (sreenshots), each stim for 60 seconds
  2. Each stim is a product
  3. At the end of the study will be a survey asking you which bike lock you picked
Study Instructions




Go to the study link

Calibrate the software

Look at all 3 stims


Answer simple survey

Look at the circle and click 5 times, repeating this a few times. Finally focus on the big circle until it's gone!
Clicks don't work, just scroll and interact with the information on the webpage
Answer the 3 questions, and that's that: you are done!
Thats it, come back here and let's look at the results 🙂
Next stop
Fixation Metrics
Fixation Classification
Next stop
Scrollable Images and Websites
5.Discussion: Implications for digital marketing
Implications for digital marketing

What does all this implicate for digital marketing?


What specific use use cases can you think of?


How would you try to market our product?


Share your thoughts and ideas in English or German!

Our (online) marketing funnel
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We're looking for support!
But that's not it...
Radius control --> Allow you to look at your data at different scales
Hexbins have edges, showing clearer boundaries in comparison to heatmaps
But that's not it...
Path Plots:
See what path your users take and how long they spend on each part of the path


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