Social Contracts

A brief introduction to modelling relationships with Ethereum


  • Attitude
  • Trade-offs
  • Challenges
  • Examples


"In the future, communities are built and destroyed, come into and out of existence whenever necessary. Real linkages are built between minds, only approximated by varied social media technologies."      - Unknown


Goal: Build trusted linkages while minimizing fees

Trusted linkages (relationships) are built when outside entities use contract positions to reference outside data, trusted computed data or other contract data


  • Identify necessary data/state to be shared
    • What needs to be verifiable?
    • Who owns it?
    • Who needs to know it?
    • How it is linked?
  • ... and structure the contract(s) accordingly
    • verifiable content, contract-stored data/logic
    • permissions
      • write-protected data - ethereum address, address list, or other contract data
      • read-protected data - off-chain relationship, encrypted data, obfuscated code


  • Contract reuse
  • Multiple contracts for an application


Contract reuse

  • Benefits
    • Less money for updating apps - updated once, updated everywhere
    • More value in  the ethereum network -
  • Limitations
    • Less anonymity - multiple relationships gathered from a single contract


Multiple contracts for an application

  • Benefits
    • Personalizable/extensible app - swappable logic
    • Opportunity for contract reuse - more valuable infrastructure
  • Limitations
    • Forkable - no captive audience when information is decentralized -- bad for business -- good for information-seekers

Ethereum Social Contracts (WIP)

By wemeetagain

Ethereum Social Contracts (WIP)

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