Introduction to Eris

Consensus-Driven Apps in Ethereum

Cayman Nava


  • What is Eris
  • Features
  • How it Works
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What is Eris

  • Greek goddess of chaos
  • Ethereum-based project
  • Platform to craft, prototype, test, deploy consensus driven applications
  • Entered in Olivier Janssens' 100k bounty for Bitcoin Foundation replacement -- won runner-up

What is Eris - Design

  • How do organizations collectively make decisions?
  • Can we use the web? But can it be decentralized??
  • YES
  • Completely serverless -- relies on Ethereum, torrents

What is Eris - Purpose

  • The platform to come first
  • Eris is currently dual purpose
    • Easily deployable governance mechanism
    • Platform for building other distributed applications
  • Note -- currently very new software, tools not fully built out
  • Designed for real world use

Features - Out of the Box

  • Forums for discussion
  • Voting on internal organizational issues
  • Community moderation of content
  • Community reputation system

Features - Screenshot

How it Works - Architecture

Traditional Web App

Eris Web App

Get Involved



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Intro to Eris

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Intro to Eris

Brief introduction to the Eris platform

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