Moving Drupal forward*

* by bringing new life into your local community

About me

  • Yauhen Zenko
  • Tech Lead (PHP) @ We Are You (Den Bosch, Amsterdam, Sofia, Melbourne)
  • Drupal User Group Belarus, DrupalCamp Belarus
  • Drupal 5-8
  • Football, books, music, rock!
  • Socials: @zeuty
  • Linkedin: yzenko

Before we start

Evolution of Drupal?

State of Drupal

  1. Heartbeat: predictable releases

2. Out-of-the box

3. Awesome functionalities in the core: media, JSON:API, layout builder and much more to come

4. A lot of changes in marketing and positioning of Drupal as a product



is for building ambitious digital experiences

We are awesome, but...

Any problems or concerns?

We are awesome, but...

We are awesome, but...

Who should fix the problem?

2. Companies?

3. DA or Local DAs?

4. Local community!

1. Individual contributors?

Mission of local community

Keep existing community members connected, promote Drupal to (and engage into Drupal) other developers, non-developers and students, thus, ensuring long-term sustainability of the product.

What is community?

What is community?

What is community?

What is community?

What is community?

What is community?

Added value

1. Knowledge sharing and problem solving
2. Encouraging & support
3. Create professional network
4. Voice in Global Drupal community
5. You name it...

1 minute test

  • Self identity
  • Contribution
  • Growth

Tips and tricks: #1

  • Be inspired
  • Make a decision!

Tips and tricks: #1

Tips and tricks: #1

Tips and tricks: #2

  • Find fellow
  • Find mentor

Tips and tricks: #3

  • Find funding

Tips and tricks: #4

  • Find your first speakers

Tips and tricks: #5

  • Announce your event well in advance and reach as many people as possible

Tips and tricks: #6

  • Make the event happen
  • And make it awesome!

Tips and tricks: #7

  • Reward people for their efforts

Tips and tricks: #7

Tips and tricks: #8

  • Gather feedback and be openĀ 

Tips and tricks: #9

  • Be consistent

Tips and tricks: #10

  • Enjoy connecting people and changing their lives to the better
  • Dream big

Great example

  • Ukraine
  • Meetups in 4+ cities
  • Different formats: cafe, breakfast, regular meetups, quizes, etc.
  • Drupal Camp Kyiv - 400+ people

Great example


  • Drupal is doing good "technically"
  • We have some problems
  • Try doing community "right"
  • Start today!
  • Free hugs


Questions, ideas, suggestions?

DrupalCamp Pannonia - Moving Drupal Forward (English)

By Yauhen Zenko

DrupalCamp Pannonia - Moving Drupal Forward (English)

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