Don't build infra, Build applications

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Amine Ben Asker

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You don’t need to own data centers unless you’re special

Physical compute, storage and network infrastructure are brittle, prone to failure and are not malleable.

Automating these infrastructure primitives and making them ready to host apps and data is an as-a-service exercise.

  1. Engineering costs to build and operate cloud services
  2. Cost of automating the network (note that no network vendor wants you to automate with open APIs)
  3. Cost of lost agility due to long planning, procurement and on-boarding cycles
  4. Cost of lost business opportunity due to time spend building a private cloud

Private cloud cost models are misleading

Immutable components as part of your infrastructure are a way to reduce inconsistency in your infrastructure and improve the trust into your deployment process. Atomic deployments, combined with validation of the image and easy rollback, make managing your infrastructure a lot easier.

Why Immutable Infrastructure

Private vs Public

My home Lab, Dec 2017 Paris

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.


How to build private cloud step by step

Physical architecture

Step 1 : rack servers

Green cables : Mgmt interfaces

Gray cables : network interfaces



Step 2 : configure network

  • Flat vlan
  • All interfaces are connected to the same subnet
  • DHCP broadcast is enabled
  • Default route is the controller machine IP address

Step 3 : Install Ubuntu MAAS on the controller

More ? >

# apt install lxd zfsutils-linux
# lxc launch -p maas ubuntu:16.04 xenial-maas

Step 4 : Register all servers with MAAS

Deploying Ubuntu on nodes

Install any Paas with conjure

Install Openstack with conjure

Install Rancher with terraform

└── terraform
    ├── modules
    ├── rancher-environment

Rancher catalog


Applicaitons :

Wordpress, Drupal

Gogs Gitlab .. github like

OwnCloud .. Dropbox like

RocketChat .. Slack like

and more

Mesh network

Next release


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Don't build infra, build applications

By Yuri Laaziz

Don't build infra, build applications

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