Git + github

Version control

why version control?


not only text

even maps

Central version control

distributed version control


git command line

git visual client


more forks


  • Repository (מאגר)
  • Commit (אוסף שינויים אטומי)
  • Fork (שכפול מאגר)
  • Pull Request (בקשה למיזוג)

names exercise


  • Fork
    • Fork one of the extensions from last week
    • Add / change functionality (ideally improving your friend's work)
    • Send a pull request to the original author to accept your change


  • Good & bad extensions:
    • write 2 ideas for extensions (1-3 sentences each)
    • One will be a "good idea" - an extension you would like to see available and would like to try out
    • The second would be a "bad idea" - as in an extension that would make the web a worst place and you would rather no one installs or uses (this could be anything from Facebook Invite All to different flavours of malware)
  • Start thinking of ideas for what you would want to build

alefize homework


↓    (fork)


(commit - add your change)

Git + github

By Yuval Adam

Git + github

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