How Do We Fix It?

Peter Bittner

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  • Hooray, We're Fire Fighting
  • What Is The Problem?
  • How Do We Fix It?
  • Make The Change!

Hooray, We're Fire Fighting

And it doesn't feel right.

Great Successes That Suddenly Fail

  • We excel in creativity like nobody else
  • Set new standards with awesome solutions
  • Our failures are small, but epic
  • We stop believing in our awesomeness
  • Fire fighting in PM - where is the root cause?

What Is The Problem?

Zombies. Sins of the past.

It's All Our Fault

  • Software development is complex
  • Tooling is laborious
  • Changing requirements invalidate estimations
  • Code changes make product unstable
  • Our projects grow. Our processes don't

We're growing faster than our processes.

How Do We Fix It?

Get professional. Now!

Structure, Automation, Transparency

  • Automate! Everything.  (I said: everything)
  • Set criteria + test continuously.  (Every f*** day)
  • Go Agile! You better do.  (It is not a hype)
  • Continuous delivery.  (Unleash your powers)
  • Get your hands dirty, make things happen!

Coach your people. Trust your people.

Make The Change!

Where is your vision?

We Make It Happen

  1. December:  Start automatic deployments     ✓
  2. January:  Agile workshops, Start writing tests
  3. February:  Better communication, regular meetings
  4. March:  No more traditional projects - AFPP
  5. April:  More room for creativity, more quality
  6. May:  Get better than everyone
  7. June:  Get better than Google (tm)
  8. July:  Reach out for the stars

Set The Standards - Now!

How Do We Fix It?

By Peter Bittner

How Do We Fix It?

Our software development is a complete mess. This drags us all into the abyss. Help!

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