Selling Agile Projects


fix-price projects

Agile Agenda

Development team

Project management

Fix-price projects

Sales process

Development Team


  • Product owner
  • Developer
  • Scrum master


  • Daily standup
  • Backlog refinement
  • Planning I+II
  • Review
  • Retrospective

Project Management

Work like a developer!

Fix-price Projects

Why Fix-Price Projects?

  • It's a planned economy (annual plan)
  • Budget known in advance
  • Target dates depend on goals + budget
  • Revenue expected from new features
  • Sums up to total profit

Reliable dimensions

Estimated dimensions

3 Dimensions of a Project

1.  Time

2.  Budget

3.  Features

Failing projects nail all 3 of them.

Our customers?

I want everything. Now!

Software that "simply works" – tested!

I got what I need – awesome!

On time, on budget, working solutions

Our customers!

Sales Process

(Failing) Classic Approach

  • All features + fixed deadline + fixed budget
  • Must be estimated competitively
  • Buffers are never sufficient
  • Not ready for change = renegotiations

You try to do the impossible.

(Failing) Classic Approach II

  • They will buy it (low risk)
  • Time to get to know them
  • Place to sell your approach
  • Room to come up with an estimation

Offer a workshop

You try to do it all

  • Your goal: rough estimation
  • Because you want all features (too)
  • And meet budget + time
  • "I told you at the workshop" syndrome



Successful Approach

  • Fix deadline + budget
  • Total estimation = non-binding ("plausibility check")
  • Explain advantages of sprint-wise billing

Sprint-wise billing

  • Reduce risk (always deliver a working product)
  • Freedom to change your mind (change features)
  • Get what you need (not what you ordered)

Critical Elements

  • Ship early, ship often
  • Build first what creates most value
  • Never ever touch the deadline!
  • Plan a going-live party with customer

On time

On budget

  • Welcome change: Reprioritise, reorder, redo features (before sprint starts)
  • Stick to the process: No overtime, no changes in a running sprint (full concentration)
  • Bill every sprint ("when time is exhausted")

Fixed working hours = no renegotiation

Thank you!

for your precious time

Painless Software

Less pain, more fun.

Wow, isn't that what we were always looking for?

It's awesome, honey.

Buy it?

Buy it!

Selling Agile Projects

By Peter Bittner

Selling Agile Projects

You are a digital solution provider. Your developers do "the agile thing". But you don't. Because that's not compatible with what your customers ask for. So you fight internally. That sucks! -- Let's take a look at how we can fix that.

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