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Pretty vague as to what folks mean when we talk about "data"


  • Personal information (identity)
  • Behavioral information (activity)
  • Preferences/propensities (?) (patterns)


These flow (roughly) in order or fluidity and are likely circular - preferences are influenced by repeated behavior which can then shape identity

Data Today

Why does it matter?

"If I don't have anything to hide, why should I care?"


  • Data as a means to power
    • The ability to predict and influence what you see, purchase, consume, etc. (online and irl)
  • Data is essential in nearly every industry (like ours!)
    • It behooves companies to acquire it as an advantage (marketing)
    • and governments to maintain power and control (with both +/- outcomes)
  • Questions of privacy and freedom - what are our basic human rights? Is there a right to be forgotten digitally?


Experiences trying out alternatives, privacy scares, other?

Press and Discussion

As we all know, most digital & social spaces are occupied by "big tech" (Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Huawei, Samsung)


Severely limits the digital solutions available to consumers and prevents the introduction of new platforms.

The digital Landscape

Service Name Owner
Email Gmail, Outlook Google, Microsoft
Social Facebook/Insta, TikTok, Twitter Meta, Tencent, Twitter
Messaging Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack Meta, Meta, Salesforce
Browser Chrome, Edge Google, Microsoft
Search Google Google
Maps Google Maps Google
Conferencing Zoom, Meet, FaceTime Zoom, Google, Apple
Operating systems Windows, macOS Microsoft, Apple
Internet service :( :(
Web hosting AWS Amazon
Video hosting YouTube Google


Not a great outlook!

Alternatives provide an escape from dense ecosystems (Google, Apple, Microsoft)

  • Innovation
  • Decentralized
  • Open-source
  • Privacy friendly


But have always have some barrier to entry - support, price, total usage






Doesn't read and sell the content of your emails

Privacy, tracking, and marketing block lists by default

No tracking on clicked links or auctions of search results to agencies

Encrypted messages and calls - no data collection

Free, encrypted video chat free from censorship

Many services lack a strong alternative

  • Maps
  • Video sharing
  • Social networks
  • Operating systems


Enclosed (registered) services are often the most clear way a company can access your data


Browsing is a major vector for security & tracking


As a data collection company, what are our responsibilities (to participants, utilities, ourselves) regarding the use of our data?

Closing convo

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Data Privacy

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Data Privacy

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