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Travis - what has bothered me

Since using Travis there have been a few things that I've always hoped we could improve.

  • Being able to cancel jobs one they've been triggered
  • Better integration with our PR's (something more than the basic info Travis jobs can provide)
  • More control of reusable code snippets and jobs
    • Using a local cache to build our jobs
    • Building our images once and passing them to each job
  • Less Bash scripting
  • Better logging of what failed - at a glance
  • A less confusing UI

Why GitHub Actions

Improvements (so far)

  • Ongoing jobs can now be cancelled by new commits
  • See which consistency and pytests tests failed (and info) at a glance in the Actions overview
  • Docker caches are stored on GitHub (10Gb) for faster builds
  • Builds and pushes of images happen once (as opposed to twice in Travis)
    • Pytest and consistency tests depend on this workflow
  • Cleanup to
  • Less bash
  • More fragmentation of files
    • Build code and preparation code live independently of our test code

GitHub Actions

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GitHub Actions

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