Work from Home Ergonomics

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Home alone

Working from home means being home a lot 🏡

  • It can be difficult to live/work in the same (any) environment
  • Home life could distract from work and vice versa
  • Challenges changing behaviors and routines brought from home
  • Inadequate technical setup for an office


Separate where you live and where you work: barriers, habits, routine, or digitally (more on this)

  • Working in a different room than where you sleep/relax
  • Build habits that make work easier (keep phone/TV away)
  • Create a morning routine that serves as a "commute to work"

Here are some tips to make it a more enjoyable work environment!

Some standards...

  • Take breaks regularly ⌚
    • Get up and walk around every hour
    • Or exercise (stretches and squats) 💪
  • Natural lighting near a window
    • Match monitor brightness to surroundings
  • A well positioned chair
    • Low back support
    • Shoulders should hang, not hunch
  • Coffee ☕
    • Maybe...



Some not so obvious tips

  • Good ergonomics 💃💻
    • Position the screen/monitor to be eye height
    • Keyboard and wrists at elbow length
    • Feet flat on the ground
  • 20-20-20 rule 👀
    • Every 20 minutes look 20 ft (6m) away for 20 seconds
  • A night light (every OS has one in settings)
  • Regular sleep schedules! 😴
    • Can't be overstated

Break timers

Other tools I love

A clipboard manager

  • Maccy (macOS)
  • CopyQ (Windows)
    • Windows also has its own baked in - Win+V

A notetaking app

A mindfulness/meditation app

What are some tips you have for working from home?

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Work from Home Ergonomics

By jacksongoode

Work from Home Ergonomics

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