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I'm I run a consultancy in Oakland aimed at directly improving peoples' lives and increasing the values of communal strength.

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Demonstrating more quirky, fun and exciting things we can do with our own Websites.

Keeping the door open for those looking in and wanting to join in.

Looking to see where the IndieWeb potentially falls short for those getting started.



  • Comes from "pure" place
  • Repeated exposure
  • Low effort / high return


<article class="h-entry">
  <a href=""
  <a href="">Bonnie</a>'s
  <a href=""
     class="u-like-of">last caper</a>.

Clyde liked Bonnie's last caper.

Live code-to-browser editing demonstrations of markup.


Visual network effects of the IndieWeb.

Visualizing how interactions spread between sites.


Showcasing adjacent examples of diverse presentations.

Your site!


Link back to how people can join in.

In order to let someone in, we have to point to the door and light up the road.


Invitations Are Hard

Convincing people that owning their identity in an age of the dilution of the such is not easy.

We have to listen to what stops people from getting in. What might be easy for one might not easy for someone else.

Principle #3
  • Difficult for me to adhere to
  • I optimize for communal solutions
  • What do I do?

What do we do?


  • Promoting tools the community use versus hand-rolling every time
  • Embrace "developer advocate" practices
    • More anthropocentric (low tech knowledge) demos
    • Present more testimonials about IndieWeb "living"


Common Blockers

  • MicroData?
  • "No" "out of the box" solution
    • Known, Wordpress + plugins,
  • Developer centrism

Common "Show Stoppers"

  • Audience control
  • Ephemeral Identities
  • "I don't have a website"


  • Flexible presentation
  • Loosely designed
  • Minimally extensible

What do we do?

What can we do?

  • Build beyond us
  • Less itching, more crafting
  • Listen.

Thank you.

Making the IndieWeb Open to All

By Jacky Alciné

Making the IndieWeb Open to All

Discovering and exploring what it'll take to bring the IndieWeb to a larger audience.

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