Quantum Music Playground

Instructions / Tutorial: qisk.it/qmp

  • Playground for composing music using quantum states.
  • Implemented as a Max for Live device in Ableton Live 11, and includes a MicroQiskit quantum simulator.
  • Free, open source, Apache 2.0

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Brian and I will demonstrate:

  • Quantum Music Playground's raison d'être
  • A quick & dirty example arranged with QMP
  • Creating EDM beats with QMP
  • Adding a 17th century melody to EDM beats
  • Playing with Quantum Fourier Transform
  • A QMP composition by Hasan Khalid, et al


The Big Idea

Ascertain one (of many) ways to hear a quantum state, and create a device that may be used to compose music by manipulating a statevectors. Students of quantum computing would use this device as a fun and musical way to gain intuition about statevectors.

Collaborating with a Hilbert Space

QMP example inspired by music of Jean-Michel Jarre

Example clip: Four on the floor kick (bass) drum

Each step in the sequence on the right is a sixteenth note. Sound is produced when the measurement probability of a basis state is significant.

Example clip: Expressing pitch (or instrument) with phase

Each step in the sequence on the right is a sixteenth note. Sound is produced when the measurement probability of a basis state is significant.

Example from QMP Tutorial of expressing Canon in D

EDM Composition by Hasan Khalid of Algorism Music

Composed using Quantum Music Playground

Quantum Music Playground

In Hilbert space, no one can hear you scream. - Yakir Aharonov


Check out tutorial for examples, including Indian Classical music: qisk.it/qmp

Quantum Music Playground

By javafxpert

Quantum Music Playground

Introduction to the Quantum Music Playground

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