Networks everywhere



  • 200 million companies (green)
  • 90 million directors (orange)
  • 150 million position (edges)
  • 90 million ownership relationships.

Micro to macro

  • Decisions happen at the micro scale
  • Have an effect in the macro scale
  • The macro conditions affect the micro decision
  • The effect is not obvious (emergence)

Describe the structure

  • Cohesive transnational elite vs competing regional elites 

Model consequences of the interlocks.

  • Inequality: 

Model consequences of the interlocks.

  • Information spread: 
    • City evolution
    • Investment in new fields
    • Homogenization of culture

Model dynamics & Predict

  • Agent based modeling
  • Connect micro scale
    • Establish the importance of micro-motives

Meeting 1 Methodology class

By Javier GB

Meeting 1 Methodology class

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