Saila Stausholm & Javier García-Bernardo

Copenhagen Business School & University of Amsterdam

now you see me: GEOGRAPHY OF tax service professionals

are they in global cities?

Are they connected to:

- Real economic activity

- Secrecy havens

- Financial centers

- Managerial control

tax professionals connect MNEs to the offshore



Is regulation possible?

the world


how to locate them?

Data: LinkedIn Campaign Manager

WHAT CAN WE STUDY? Profession does not depend on online presentation Profession depends upon online presentation
Profession is easily accessed for study Nurses, teachers

Politicians, physicians

Profession is not easily accessed to study Spies, drug lords, pirates

Tax advisors, tax consultants


tax professionals are highly concentrated

it's not the country, but global cities

no evidence of correlation with  productive economy

correlation with financial sector

correlation with managerial control

scarce evidence of correlation with  secrecy/profits booked


● linkedin is great to study tax professionals

● they are highly unevenly distributed

- Concentrated in specific locations, absent from everywhere else

● prevalent mainly in the western world

- European OFCs + the Anglosphere

- Asian OFCs: Singapore and Hong Kong

- Only two Caribbean islands: Cayman Islands, Curaçao

● correlated with finance+Management, not real economic activity

- Supports the role in connecting MNEs to the offshore


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Mapping Professions TJN

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