OSM at Open Belgium 2022

Hiking.osm.be, a new paper maps offer based on OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap goes professional 

Professional use of OSM is increasing

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With increased use comes increase responsibility

Paid mapping

Professionalize the organization

OSMF: More admin support, full time sysadmin, core software maintainer

Support the community

OSMbe on a path to further growth

Creating open streetlevel imagery

               Better data for all: combining OpenStreetMap and government data management           

Road Completion

OSM is powered by the crowd

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All cases were checked

OSM is as complete as the gov data!

Giving back

We need to exclude false positives anyway, so why not have them fixed at the source?

Typical errors

  • Private driveway mapped as real road
  • Planned roads / in construction already mapped as existing
  • Forest paths that are long gone

We sent 561 cases back - 90% resulted in a fix in Wegenregister

But many errors in official data were ignored by us!

When fixing OSM, you can fix gov data too!

But much untapped potential

  • Weekly analysis in Flanders & Brussels
  • Yearly in Wallonia. Help wanted!
  • Software built by Jonathan Beliën with OSMF funding is scalable
  • Weekly stats about the status of the road network in OSM

Road Completion Status

You can trust OSM data!

it's at least as complete as gov data

You can trust gov data!

It is not just maintained by gov processes, but also by the crowd

OSM at Open Belgium 2022

By joost schouppe

OSM at Open Belgium 2022

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