& Thierry Jiménez & Edoardo Neerhut

If it works for Belgium, it should work anywhere

  • some things that are working

  • some things that aren't really

  • some things that we're trying

  • interactive part

Structure of the workshop

  • Do you feel a need to scale projects up to other regions? If you think it's hard, why do you think it is?

  • How could we work together in Europe to make each other stronger? Or specifically: to help projects grow beyond their native land?

  • What's a project you'd like to quickly introduce and get feedback on?

Things that are working

Camera Grants

StreetLevel Imagery Project

  • Leading by example in an effort to collect streetlevel imagery in an open way (instead of "images as a service")
  • 360 GoPro Max: started with one, now up to four
  • Financed by Corporate Membership
  • 3 month lending period
  • Mostly bicycle based
  • Try and make it viral
  • Archiving strategy


European Project with Mapillary

  • Revival of previous Camera Grant Project
  • In light of Meta takeover, making it harder to share material
  • 20 GoPro Max


OSM Welcome Tool


Things that could work

Traffic sign project


  • Use open data to find newly placed traffic signs
    • likely to be correct
    • likely their effects not mapped in OSM yet
  • Turn into MapRoulette tasks
  • Fully automated with Python + GitHub Actions by Ivan Diaz (TomTom)


European potential

  • use other open data sources (rare?)
  • use & filter Osmose/Mapillary tasks

Fundraising strategies

A simple policy... and it works

  • We promote mapping activities that are beneficial to you
  • Limited free consultancy: to analyze business cases (8 hours)
  • We will help you engage with the community
  • We will put your logo on our front page and at events
  • You can mention a link to OpenStreetMap Belgium in your own communications
  • And of course you will get instant karma


We offer this for 1.000 EUR yearly to SMEs and 2.500 EUR yearly to others.
Contact board@osm.be to discuss your membership!

European context

  • Do cross-border projects?
  • Look at each other's fundraising successes
  • Pool resources for common projects?

State of the Map Europe

Can we start a new tradition?

Projects where we had hoped for more

Or there simply is more work to do

Road Completion Project


Thematic map/editors

Monthly/quarterly tasks tools

Workshop part

1) Do you feel a need to scale projects up to other regions? If you think it's hard, why do you think it is?


2) What could we do to work together?


3) What project in your country would you like to introduce today (and get feedback on)?

An OSM-EU organisation?

Embryo: SotM EU + camera grants


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