Mobile First Apps Web & Native

Juan David Nicholls


Software Engineer

@ BevyUp (Acquired by Nordstrom)

A little history...

It took me 6 years to create my first native plugin 😅

Code-Sharing projects

Old Way

Angular Native Seed (Deprecated)

And the Heroes

Integrating Ionic Styles & Components - Demo Project @proyecto26

New Way

Similar to TeamMaestro Seed, but:


- No separate nativescript build folder


- Shared node_modules


- Supported by {N} team! 🎉


- New Webpack build with livesync support


- Schematics (Scafolding to generate files in an easy way)​

NativeScript commands

Angular CLI

- ​npm i -g @angular/cli
- npm i -g @nativescript/schematics
- ng new -c=@nativescript/schematics sass-project --shared --style=scss
- tns convert module <nameModule> (Convert old projects)

If you don't want to use NativeScript Core Theme in your project, add the flag --no-theme


Demo time!

Mobile First Apps Web & Native

By Juan David Nicholls

Mobile First Apps Web & Native

A talk about mobile first apps, using code sharing to support web and native!

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