Ótimo (2.0)

Your practical starting point to everywhere

I want to start learning X

How to become....

an organic chemist?

a web developer?



kundalini yogi?

How to get into...

vegan cooking?




create and maintain the best entrypoint to any topic

Ótimo allows you to...

Is there a market for this?

An entrypoint to learn anything

Curated set of learning resources for a beginner to any topic

Hey Chris, what books do you recommend to learn HTML / CSS these days? Where should I look at?

Hey Martin, I've collected the best resources here, it has links to my articles but also to other great people's work I highly respect: otimo.us/43429...

Thanks! Will take a look 👀

Ótimo does not provide own content.

A curator introduces a topic and provides a list of high quality resources

Users have the option to upvote, downvote and comment on resources

Curator maintains the resources long-term and keeps the resources up to date, using the feedback from the community

AI & programmatic assistance ✨

Autofill title & description & resource type when pasting a link

Continuously check links for uptime and content changes

Continuously search the web for new resources to be checked by the curator

Recognising links from different platforms and providing special functionality (previews, highlight)

Chat with an AI BOT that was trained specifically on the list of resources

💰 Profit ?

💰 Option A: Content monetisation

🔓 Unlocking parts of the list for $

🔓 Unlocking whole lists for $

🔓 One time bigger fee to get initial information + small fee subscription to get updates

🔓 Curator does not sell their own content - they are providing & monetising their discernment

💰 Option B: Premium

Public and private lists: free

Sharing with specific users + collaboration: paid

Premium features?

  • Integrations & sync (RSS, APIs...)
  • Analytics (important if you do referrals)
  • AI integrations

"Discernment is the ability to perceive, understand, and judge things clearly, especially those that are not obvious or straightforward."

👥 User acquisition

Primary source of users: domain experts bring their community

Secondary sources:

  • Advertisement - domain experts advertising their lists, Ótimo assisting
  • SEO (low potential)
  • Word of mouth - Ótimo becoming the source for finding right learning materials (might happen later)

👥 User retention

Users sign up to unlock the list

📩 Emails: list updates (new resources)

📩 Emails: new recommended lists

📩 Emails: new activity on the subscribed list (comments)

📩 Emails: asking for feedback based on links they visited

👥 Customer Segments

Young professionals (or to be professionals)

People in between jobs / ppl that reinvent themselves

People in need of constant learning (tech, medicine, consultants, managers)

Entrepreneurs / CEOs (people that are "jack of all trades")


Power learners / self dev enthusiasts

👔 Competition / alternatives

Github - awesome lists and other repositories

- static content, no functionality

+ collaborative in nature

- strong technical focus

ChatGPT - not that aware of latest developments, provides too mainstream answers, hallucinating

Bard - potentially providing faulty results just like Google does, falls prey to SEO tactics

Wikipedia - too descriptive, vast, not empathetic enough to the beginner 

👔 Competition / alternatives

These monetisation platforms are not specialised for lists. Management in Google Sheets / Airtable is great, but specialised platform can offer more.

Ótimo can provide CSV import / export or sync

Ótimo can be "Gumroad for lists". Helping to not only sell them, but also to create and maintain them.

🚀 Go To Market strategy

Create few high quality lists as examples

Frontend development


Find people who already sell such lists elsewhere

Offer them to move their lists to Ótimo

Offer 100% of profits

Listen to their feedback to make the platform as good possible for them

Find 5 or more other domain experts and assist them with list creation

💰📈 Cost & Revenue

No hosting of video or audio

Costs: cloud services, consulting, engineering, AI costs, salaries

Income: list unlocking, list subscriptions, premiums, potentially affiliate links


Costs & Incomes relatively decoupled (no issues with scaling)

💰📈 Cost & Revenue

BetterSheets: lifetime access for $49

NewsletterOS: lifetime access for $49

UserBooster: lifetime access for $49

PodcastOS: lifetime access for $49

$9,000 in revenue over the past 5 months | $1800 / month

$35,000 in revenue over the past 5 months | $7000 / month

Assuming having 4 lists like these with ~$3000 / month revenue and 20% fee: $2400 MRR




🛠 ❓ What can be used from Ótimo 1.0?

Some landing page structure

Architecture for listing of cards / actions (with tweaks)

The core technological foundation

Registered company, Privacy policy, TOS...

Frontend Developer @ Leadfeeder

Frontend developer @ GoOut

Programming mentor @ GreenFox Academy

Technical Co-Founder @ Herohero | > $81k MRR

Frontend Developer @ TopMonks

Is this still needed if AI advances?

AIs are trained on quality datasets. Ótimo is not about publishing content. It points to quality sources.

Resources from Ótimo lists can be used as a dataset to AI.

We're effectively sharing a starting point. An initial point where to explore from. This is useful both to a human and AI.

AI needs validation from humans on what information is quality and what not. Just like humans.

RLHF is commonly used to improve LLMs (reinforcement learning with human feedback)

Next steps?

Stage 1: Platform for list publishing & monetisation

Stage 2: Platform for discovery of quality lists. Category -> Topic -> Link.

Users come because curators brought them over

AI models use the platform for training

Stage 3: Platform serves as a source of validation for high quality information (quality datasets).

Advanced methods for content curation and validation. Evaluating the quality of lists. Peer review between different curators. Evaluating feedback from users.

Self evolving lists.

List ideas

  • Filmmaking equipment list (Youtubers, Podcasters...)
  • Marketing resources
  • Physiotherapy lists (back, hips...)
  • Technology lists (frontend, backend...)
  • Yoga lists
  • Region specific lists (maps, places)
    • Wine tasting
    • Climbing locations
    • Kitesurfing locations...
  • Cooking lists (recipes, books, blogs...)
  • AI tools lists
  • Local event & networking lists
  • Camping equipment & info

Ótimo 2.0

By Martin Malinda

Ótimo 2.0

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