Introducing Meteor

the revolutionary way to build modern apps

Max Hodges

  • 20+ years as software dev
  • Launched first Meteor app in production two-years-ago back in Meteor version 0.6.
  • Co-founder:
    • White Rabbit Press
    • White Rabbit Express

Jeremy Hall

  • Ph.D. Computer Science Keio U.
  • Focus on Collaborative Web Systems and developing new Information Sharing and Query Systems.
  • CTO at White Rabbit Japan

Why Meteor

  • Open-source platform for building web and mobile apps in JavaScript

  • Built to power the next generation of apps

    • Rich user interfaces

    • Collaborative multi-user applications

    • Cross platform apps

    • Rapid application development

build rich client apps, fast

Build Facebook and Google quality apps

without Facebook and Google resources

A Brief History of Distributed Applications

Meteor vs traditional frameworks

  • Modern apps serve data not HTML

  • Modern apps shouldn’t need a refresh button

  • Rails, Django, PHP, ASP.NET are difficult to adapt to the new model

  • Meteor supplies all the components needed to make sophisticated modern apps work

is your web dev framework a dinosaur?

Meteor Platform Components

  • Livequery - realtime database queries

  • DDP - subscribe to changes in the database

  • Tracker - rerun your functions when data changes

  • Minimongo - run database queries on the client

  • Blaze - keep your view up-to-date with your data


  • Livequery is a family of live database connectors

  • "live queries" can not only return the result of the query at the time it is made, but then go on to return a stream of create, update, and delete messages that inform you of any changes to the result of the query as time passes.

Distributed Data Protocol

like "REST for websockets"


  • Tracker is an extremely lightweight (~1 kilobyte) system for transparent reactive programming in JavaScript.
  • Combined with Tracker-aware libraries, this lets you build complex event-driven programs without writing a lot of boilerplate event-handling code.


A Tracker-aware reimplementation of the MongoDB API in JavaScript, very useful for storing and querying client-side data.


  • Blaze is a powerful library for creating live-updating user interfaces. Blaze fulfills the same purpose as Angular, Backbone, Ember, React, Polymer, or Knockout, but is much easier to use.

  • “reactive jQuery” - patches DOM in place to keep it updated with changes to your templates data sources.

Meteor solves realtime

Full Stack Reactivity

Built on Meteor


  • $900K seed round and $7 million Series A lead by Trinity Ventures
Most rapid prototyping, iteration and development we’ve ever seen from an early stage company. -- Trinity Ventures


Meteor Meetups

Over 200 Meteor Meetups with +28K members




Over 4,800 community-authored packages on atmosphere.js

Official Forums

Meteor ranks #10 on GitHub

higher than Backbone; will pass Rails soon.



Over 11,000 questions tagged [meteor]


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Introducing Meteor

By Max Hodges

Introducing Meteor

the revolutionary way to build modern apps

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