Interactive Plotting with Dash and Plotly

for trajectory optimization and sampling-based motion planning


Some exciting results for planning through contact (joint work with Terry and Lu)

Rotate ball by 180 degrees in 2D/3D

Pick up the book

Open the door

A plan like this can be found in less than 20s.

Complex tasks need interactive tools and visualization.

Dash and Plotly

  • Plotly creates plots, similar to matplotlib. But the plots can be viewed in a browser!
  • Dash arranges plots and components like drop-down menus into an interactive app (dashboard).
  • The app runs in a browser (easy meshcat integration and website deployment).



dropdown menus

Trajectory optimization

  • Different initial conditions?
  • Different goals?
  • Different algorithms? (smoothing schemes).
python3 ./examples/planar_hand/ 

RRT through contact

  • How does the tree grow?
    • Where are the subgoals?
    • Which node is the nearest?
    • How much does it extend?
  • What if my C-space has more than 3 dimensions?
./dash_vis/ examples/planar_hand/tree_2000_planar_hand_random_grasp.pkl --two_d

Planning for door opening

./dash_vis/ examples/allegro_hand_door/tree_traj_opt_local_u_100_0.pkl


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