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 Reframing storytelling of the web 

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26 September 2013

Philo van Kemenade 


 This Talk 





 Web-Native storytelling 

A way of enabling an experience
using the capability of the web
as a mechanism for narration
from the start of the authoring process

 Stories on the web 


 The Past 

 we have always been storytellers 

   Lascaux cave paintings some rights reserved by Adibu456 

 OUR tools determine 

 how we 

 express ourselves 






 the Complex 

 the Changing 

 and the Indeterminate 

Let me introduce the word “hypertext” to mean a body of written or pictorial material interconnected in such a complex way that it could not conveniently be presented or represented on paper.

 Hyper Film 

Films, sound recordings, and video recordings are also linear strings, basically for mechanical reasons. But these, too, can now be arranged as non-linear systems—for instance, lattices—for editing purposes, or for display with different emphasis. [...] The hyperfilm—a browsable or vari-sequenced movie—is only one of the possible hypermedia that require our attention.

 The present 


 Alma - A Tale of Violence Web doc


 Planet Take Out - Mapping Local Chinese Takeouts 


 Do Not Touch - Crowd-sourced music video


 Kat Cizek - 1 Millionth Tower 

 Dynamic - I Dare You 



 The Cosmonaut - Open source film

 The Future 

 The Future is collaborative 


Hi, there

As you might have noticed is currently down. The reason is that our servers and code have been taken hostage by two freelance developers who worked for us in the past. They claim we owe them quite a significant amount of money, and they wont reinstate unless we pay them. Unfortunately this is not an option, since we don’t respond to threats, and we wont pay for stuff that was never delivered.

I am extremely sorry for how this is affecting all of you out there who are taking part in our closed beta and supporting our idea.

We are currently working on what to do, and as a minimum get all the stories back up and running. However, there is no constructive dialogue with these people who are keeping our code hostage, so we can’t say when this crazy situation will be resolved.

Thanks for your understanding.
Bjarke Myrthu, Storyplanet founder & CEO

 Bjarke Myrthu from Storyplanet 19 Sep 2013

 making this work 

  1. I think I'm doing something then but will see. Looks great. Any reason for popcorn over zeega/storyplanet/klynt?

  2. popcorn.js = technology enabling creation of interfaces, zeega/sp/klynt = authoring tools for particular predesigned interfaces

  3. thanks for clearing that up. what filmmakers are most interested in - i think - are things that work. the techy stuff we leave to u!

 What if the web  

 is the platform? 

It’s all about the platform

We haven’t fully embraced the opportunities yet, have we? I certainly have not, and I’m doing it for a living! Maybe it’s because we have been telling stories in a linear fashion for so long and need to be reminded that a deeper focus on interactivity can make our storytelling natural again. Or, maybe it’s because the right technological platform for interactive storytelling just hasn’t been fully developed yet?


If you ask me it’s a combination of the two, and one of the things I tell myself every day is that it’s all about the platform. When the right platform is there and starts penetrating the market we just can’t help telling interactive stories all the time. They come to us naturally. But we need the platform. It’s the new campfire in the world…

 Growing a community

 of web-native storytellers 




 technology in collaboration 

 People in collaboration 

 Should filmmakers learn how to code? 

 Should coders learn how to film? 

 Filmmaker Magazine - Should Filmmakers Learn How To Code? 


 Tools shape the way we express ourselves 

 Story = central, technology = support  

 We are lacking a web-native storytelling language

 Let's experiment! 

 Collaboration has the future 


 these slides:

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Born on the web

By Philo van Kemenade

Born on the web

Reframing storytelling of the web

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