Popathon London #3

14-15 June 2014

Philo van Kemenade @phivk

Gilles Pradeau @LearningToCount

#popathon - popathon.org

Prototype Presentations

 Hello London 

 This Weekend 




Brainstorm in teams

Hacking + Mentoring


Stand up presentation
Hacking + Mentoring


Hacking + Final sprint


Guest Talk
Half-way presentations
Prototype presentations
Check out

 Web-Native storytelling 

A way of enabling an experience

using the capability of the web
as a mechanism for narration

from the start of the authoring process

 Hyper Film 

Films, sound recordings, and video recordings are also linear strings, basically for mechanical reasons. But these, too, can now be arranged as non-linear systems—for instance, lattices—for editing purposes, or for display with different emphasis. [...] The hyperfilm—a browsable or vari-sequenced movie—is only one of the possible hypermedia that require our attention.



 Submarine - Last Hijack 




 Studio Moniker - Do Not Touch


 Eva Domínguez, Gerado García, Juan Gomis, 
 Andreu Meixide, Berto Yáñez 


 takethislollipop.com - I Dare You 



Get ready for the unexpected

Be prepared for a chaotic experience

Be willing to experiment!

Be collaborative and

respect what your team has built!

Test it again and again

Fail earlier, succeed sooner

Don't forget to rest!

Prototypes are a low-cost, efficient way to ensure solutions work

Different skills – collective wisdom

Understand and visualise, or visualise and understand?



Simple and


 Popathon Objectives 

What kind of factual story
can only be told on the web?

Sunday 17.00
Public Demo URL
Github Repo

Sunday 18.00
5 min final presentation

 Links, Tools, Tips, etc 

 Have Fun! 



Copy of Popathon London #3

By Philo van Kemenade

Copy of Popathon London #3

Slides for Popathon London #3

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