19-20 October 2013 

Philo van Kemenade @phivk

Gilles Pradeau @LearningToCount

#popathon -

 These Slides 

 Web-Native Storytelling 

A way of enabling an experience
using the capability of the web
as a mechanism for narration
from the start of the authoring process

 Stories on the web 

 Stories of the web 



 Alma - A Tale of Violence Web doc


 Planet Take Out - Mapping Local Chinese Takeouts 


 Do Not Touch - Crowd-sourced music video


 Kat Cizek - 1 Millionth Tower 

 Dynamic - I Dare You 




 The Cosmonaut - Open source film


 working together 

 under conditions of 

 extreme uncertainty 


  • Medium
  • People
  • Skills
  • Outcomes
  • Audience
  • Challenges
  • Unknown amount of effort


  • It doesn't work
  • Lack of communication
  • Lacking a particular skill
  • Wasting time on unused features
  • Building the wrong thing
  • Things don't work as planned
  • Things take 3 x as long

 Managing Risk 



Christopher Little

 Splitting up tasks 

 Short cuts 

Paper prototype
Wizard of Oz
Use what is there (Libraries)
Plug in (APIs)
Remix (code and content)
Ugly code = OK
Focus on one scene / interaction
set S.M.A.R.T. goals

 Popathon Objectives 

Make use of your team's skills

Create a story experience
that turns a viewer into a user

2 min final presentation

Code on github

Links, Tools, Tips, etc

 Have Fun! 

Popathon Paris

By Philo van Kemenade

Popathon Paris

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