Introduction to the City & County of Honolulu

Department of Community Services

September 25, 2015

Teri Berschneider, Director of Portal Operations

Rosie Warfield, Manager of eGovernment Services & Customer Services

Burt Ramos, Partner Liaison


Turning a disaster into a success...

1997 Survey

National survey identifies Hawaii as

49th in nation.

Learn from the Top 10

  • What they were doing
  • How they were doing it
  • How they funded it

RFP Issued in 1999

  • Fast-track eGovernment
  • Self funding / transactional mechanism for services
  • Whole life-cycle services
  • Limited capacity for T&M
  • Marketing / Outreach included
  • Perpetual for-use-only license

Self Funded

  • 110+ services
  • Payments processed $1.7b 
  • 33 full time staff members
  • Many new projects in development
  • High levels of security
  • Looking forward to working with PPM

HIC 2015

  • 110+ services
  • Payments processed $1.7b 
  • 34 full time staff members
  • Many new projects in development
  • High levels of security
  • Portal program manager

City & County Success Stories

Absentee Voter Ballots


State Success Stories

Best of the Web!


(so far this year)

Community Savings

450+ websites

Citizen Success Stories

Customer Service

 Our customer service staff handles phone, emails, and live chats for all services, as well as providing technical support and answering billing questions.



You folks are awesome, efficient, and professionals!!!
You are an asset in the government sector. I am not a
high-tech individual but your help made my life easier. Thank you very much again.

Customer Service Feedback

I am in deep appreciation for your immediate response to my questions thank you so much for your time and for making my experience with your office a pleasurable one!"

I received always the answers very quickly, considering different time zones, as if I was the only client that you have (and I know you have a lot of requirements from people)!!! Thank you Support Team! Mahalo.

Services Success Stories



DCCA - Business Registration


HIePRO - Procurement System



Visit to learn more

Hugh R. Jones

Supervising Deputy Attorney General

Our collaboration with HIC [...] has enhanced our Division's 
     ability to streamline and make more efficient processing...

Tax & Charities Division

Ronald Moon

Chief Justice

I look forward to continued collaboration between
     our organizations.


...HIC has been an invaluable resource that we can count
   on to assist us
in arriving at an effective, sound, and timely
   solution for any request made to their team..

Liane Moriyama


Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

Attorney General's Office

Our division's savings continue to grow each year as a result of our
     partnership with HIC. In 2014, avoided costs were near $700,000
     as a result of savings from printing, postage and manual data entry costs.

Ty Nohara

Commissioner of Securities

DCCA BREG Division

Alvin Onaka

State Registrar & Chief

[HIC is] our partner and an extension of our resources.
     We could not have had our successes without them.

Office of Health Status Monitoring, DOH

I was most pleased with the HIC team’s thoroughness from the requirements
     identification phase through design, testing, and deployment. The online
     ballot delivery system streamlined (to literally minutes) internal processes
     that required hours each day in previous elections.

Glen Takahashi

Acting City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk

Honolulu City and County

State House

HIC [...] making government
     more efficient and
     improving services for
     the people of Hawaii. - Introduction to DCS

By Rosie Warfield - Introduction to DCS

Introduction for the C&C of Honolulu Department of Community Services

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