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Do you have a MSFT account?

Yeah, same one that powers ..

Live/Outlook email, Contacts, Calendars

Windows 8/Windows Phone Devices



Most other MSFT Services

I bet your users have one too ..

Most of these powered by


Live Services!

Enter Live Connect

RESTful APIs over Live Services

By developers, For Developers!

Live Connect Benefits

  1. User intimacy

  2. Why are you paying for the cloud again?

  3. Cross-Platform usage

  4. Solid SDKs

  5. RESTful hooks

Open Standards

Live Connect APIs use ..


  1. OAuth 2 - for user authentication

  2. REST - support for all HTTP verbs

  3. JSon - format for data handling

What you get

  1. Easy user authentication through MSFT account

  2. Single Sign-On

  3. Fine-grained permission control through Scopes

  4. Personal touch - user's Contacts

  5. Integration - user's Calendar

  6. OneDrive - enough said

Pick your Platform

Dedicated SDKs for easy consumption on

  1. Web

  2. Windows 8/8.1

  3. Windows Phone

  4. Any .NET app

  5. iOS

  6. Android

Don't forget REST though ..

So, you want to build a mobile app?

See the problem?


Yeah, let's not always do that.

There is a better way


You need Cross-Platform!

Use your Web skills


Build Hybrid Cross-Platform mobile apps!

Why you'll love Hybrid

  • True single Codebase for all platforms

  • Ease of HTM5/CSS/JavaScript

  • Access to Native APIs

  • App Store presence & monetization

  • Users cannot tell the difference


Hybrid Mobile Development, simplified!


  1. Developer Freedom

  2. End-to-End Tooling

  3. All needed Services

How cool is Live Connect?


Now, let's go build our dreams ..


Ping me for anything - @samidip

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