State of the Jamstack 2020 Survey Results

Jamstack Conf Virtual, 2020-05-27

Who is this jerk?

Laurie Voss

Senior Data Analyst, Netlify


What are we talking about?

We ran a survey!

  • 30 days
  • 3,127 respondents
  • Jamstack and non-Jamstack users
  • Netlify and non-Netlify users

Why should I care?

1. Developers benefit from more context

Why should I care?

2. Comedy


  • This is about Jamstack developers
  • This is NOT about all web developers
  • This mentions how popular things are
  • That's NOT saying how good things are

Part 1: Who we are

We are mostly the same as developers in general!

Jamstack is in every industry

Jamstack developers are an experienced bunch

Developers are pretty new to the Jamstack

The Jamstack is

heavily used by agences

What teams are you on, and what teams do you talk to?

Mostly team answers matched, but not all!

Part 2: What we do

Enterprise developers are a big part of the Jamstack

Jamstack sites scale to millions of users

...but also lots of

smaller audiences

Jamstack developers like the workflow

Shipping fast comes before shipping safely

(Unless you're an enterprise developer)

The hardest part of launching a site is defining the product


this is a free startup idea

Part 3: how we do it

Satisfaction scores


  1. Satisfaction != popularity
  2. Popularity != quality

Satisfaction =

{I want to use this more}

{I want to use this less}

TypeScript is a big deal

(especially if you're an enterprise developer)

37% of Jamstack developers aren't* JavaScript developers

* primarily

Language usage

in the Jamstack

Rust developers are really happy about it

Old folks like SQL

Web frameworks

React dominates the web

jQuery just works here

Outliers: 11ty and Svelte

Everybody loves Markdown

(Except me)

People also like databases

We use REST,

but we prefer GraphQL

Figma on the rise

What does this all mean?

1. Jamstack is for grown-up

What does this all mean?

2. Jamstack is not

done growing

What does this all mean?

3. Jamstack is not (just) about performance and scalability

What does this all mean?

4. We hate email

but not as much as we hate Yammer


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Jamstack Survey 2020

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Jamstack Survey 2020

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