Future channels 2022 and beyond

Incorporating Short-Form Content Into Your Communications Strategy

Why care about this talk?

Why care about this talk?

Are we failing our audiences?

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About mike

Co-founder Soundbite.ai

  • Async work and comms expert
  • My personal mission is to help  people communicate better and realize the work-life balance they want to have.

lets talk tiktok


Facebook, Twitter, Blogs.

 Taking your personal life for everyone to see.

Interactions limited to likes and poking your neighbor.


Facebook builds a home for millennials to post and share about life.

Engagement driven by relationships and clicks.


All generations move from sharing to creating and making an impact.

Engagement is driven and measured by audience interests, content engagement, and value.

Legacy SOcial media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts are based on social graph.


Modern social intranets and employee communications apps are modeled after legacy social media.

THE tiktok Shift = why this matters


Mass email and physical signage go mainstream.

The first modern intranets, digital signage, and social web parts come to market.


Intranets and employee apps get social and easier.

Email and digital signage tools add features.

Does anyone see 2020 coming?


Over a 325 million people move to Microsoft Teams to serve remote, hybrid, & frontline employees.

People move from social media 1.0 to 2.0 en masse.

How do we keep up?

Covid-19, remote, & hybrid work have forever disrupted the role of internal communicators and technology.

In response, we created more statements, emails, posts, meetings, all distributed with outmoded technology.

Today, internal statements crafted and emailed by the corporate communications team are no longer enough.

People want to hear directly from their leaders, understand their perspective, learn from them, and feel deeply connected to the work they do.

Why Does this all matter?


in order to

"be heard"

you must


believe Creators are The future

of social media & Internal communications



Some TikTok stats that stand out include:


Ready to Jump?

  • Problem solver and leader!

  • Believe everyone is a creator!

  • Audience preferences change!

  • Everyone has a story!

  • Authenticity over everything!

  • Enable and trust!

mind the (Mindset) gap


making the jump

The Disruption Playbook

Process – How it exists today, and how it will change.

  • Process drives technology, not the other way around.
  • Next-gen comms technology changes the way you behave and disrupts legacy applications such as email, intranets, communications apps, etc.
  • The key is to disrupt the creation and engagement process.

Technology – What is required to enable this change?

  • It wouldn’t be a digital transformation without new tech of some kind.

People – If any, to operate it?

  • What skills do they need to “power” the change?

Data – Can you get it?

  • To support the disruption process you must consistently measure and improve upon its effectiveness.

How TO Lead digital Disruption?

  • Mindset of addition to current fatigued channels such as email, intranet, apps
  • Treating as one-off "try"
  • Thinking this is about produced content eg. Short Podcasts & Video Series

short-form Pitfalls

what you can Learn from others

  • This is a new medium
  • Top down & bottom up
  • Creators first
  • Where good ideas find you
  • Enable & support
  • Point in time & evergreen


what you can Learn from others

Internal Comms
Too many emails
Too many meetings
Thought leaders
Intranet Traffic

Making the short-form Business Case

Use Cases
Do more with less
Replace Newsletters
Replace Meetings
Topic Based Sharing
Calls to Action
Scaled and strategic
Better engagement
More freedom
Realized results
Inspired and unified
  • Human voice is connection
  • Reach neurodiverse audiences
  • Easy to create from anywhere
  • Share more information faster
  • Naturally inclusive format
  • Engage anywhere & anytime
  • Portable with no screen required

Why is short-form audio a great place to start for creators and audiences?

short-form canvas

To help internal communicators like ourselves, we created this canvas to ideate and execute short-form communications.

the Complete canvas






  • What is this Soundbite going to be about?
  • Who will voice this Soundbite?
  • What are we asking people to do?
  • What business outcome are we expecting to create/assist creating?
  • Where will this Soundbite appear?
  • Who are the audience for this Soundbite?
  • How will we know this is the right channel?
  • Do we want to require people to listen to this Soundbite? Why?
  • As a listener, is this Soundbite useful to me?

  • As a listener, do I find my Soundbite engaging?

  • As a listener, can I easily take action from insights shared?

  • As a listener, why would I recommend this to others?

  • What is the required tone for this Soundbite?
  • How long should this Soundbite be?
  • What is the CTA?
  • What is the story we are telling?
  • What resources do we need? (A/V support, creative, specialist audio, IT support)?


  • What are our success metrics?
  • Why are these our metrics?

the Executive Canvas



  • What is this Soundbite going to be about?
  • Is this part of a series or on a topic of interest?
  • What am I asking people to do?
  • What business outcome that I want to help create or assist creating?
  • As a listener, is this Soundbite useful to me?

  • As a listener, do I find my Soundbite engaging?

  • As a listener, can I easily take action from insights shared?

  • As a listener, why would I recommend this to others?


  • What are our success metrics?
  • Why are these our metrics?
  • EG) Engagement, Acknowledgements, Actions Taken.


example successes


"Short-form audio allows us to engage our workforce with important messages, critical updates, knowledge sharing and a little bit of fun." - Simon Tyrrell, CTO

Box Hill institute

"With a new hybrid way of working both remotely and across our three campuses, we needed an internal communication solution to break through the masses of email and connect with our employees on a deeper level." - Sam Little, Director IC


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Future Comms. 2022 and Beyond.

By Soundbite

Future Comms. 2022 and Beyond.

Presentation for ALI conference and podcast bootcamp.

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