People are Burned Out

In 2021, email is still the most commonly used channel for internal communications.*

This is out of step with the consumer world, where short-form and microcontent win out**.

56% of colleagues spend nine seconds or less looking at newsletters and emails, with 45% spending 1-3 seconds!***


"Despite the proliferation of digital workplace tools, productivity in most developed countries is barely growing. Meanwhile, the number of technology systems used by employees is increasing."

- Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin and Associates


"Recent research shows that 27% of workers believe they waste 1-2 days per week on irrelevant emails, meetings, and messages" -  Microsoft

The New Social Contract

By prioritizing the following elements of the New Social Contract an organization has the potential to get more from its workers.

  1. Receiving accurate and honest communications
  2. Clear job responsibilities and expectations
  3. More common benefits such as medical coverage, help saving for retirement, paid time off for vacation and sick time
  4. Working for leaders who mean and do what they say
  5. Having the tools, training and resources I need to do my job

- FleishmanHillard 2021

Why Soundbite?

"The ability to use digestible voice recordings and podcasting to cut through the visual noise created by streams of text chat, and full mailboxes is a game changer." - Alex Graves, CEO Silicon Reef

There is a reason that overly-polished leader communications tend to generate apathy or even hostility. They are too clean, not human at all – the missing component? Emotion.


Wellbeing is top of the agenda – encouraging employees to step away from their screens/ incorporate movement into their working day are increasingly important as stress and burnout numbers rise.


A well-balanced communications ecosystem is inclusive of diverse communication preferences – visual, auditory, written and experiential. Introducing audio into the communications mix adds value quickly and cost-effectively.



How Companies Use Soundbite

Human Resources | Promote wellness and use Soundbites to communicate benefits, guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Internal Communications | Streamline content production workloads and realize greater employee engagement by using Soundbites.

External Communications & Newsroom | Publish Soundbites to media outlets, news and blogs, or share them on social media channels.

Executives & Leadership | Help leaders create more authentic connections with employees by using Soundbites.

Sales & Product Teams | Communicate internal organizational updates, product releases, important wins, and training updates.

Safety and Compliance | Deliver critical information to frontline employees and receive a formal acknowledgment.

Create Once. Listen Anywhere.

On Any Device.

Solution Overview

Create, Notify, Engage, Report, Suggest

*contact us for a complete list of supported platforms and apps.

Customizable Widgets, SharePoint Web Parts,

and Native App

Soundbite VivaVoice App for Microsoft Teams

Soundbite App for Workplace by Facebook

You can communicate with 90% less time invested.

And meaningfully engage more people than you can today.

  1. Meaningfully engage more people than you can with email, video, employee comms apps, and intranets.
  2. Reduce the time it takes to create and share announcements.
  3. Create better connections and increase employee retention.
  4. Promote physical and mental wellbeing with Audio.
  5. Innovative licensing helps you get started with Soundbite.

Soundbite Results

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Soundbite Overview

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