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  • Road to an open source artificial pancreas

  • Fostering DevOps Culture

  • nopanic

  • Inclusion means "all y'all"

  • oauth2

    oauth2 basic concepts

  • Automation without frustration!

    Automation for Dummies!

  • asl101

  • Containers & Security 101: Docker & Kubernetes Simplified

  • Vue Vixens: 2019


  • Copy of Mini Introduction to Vue.js

    Vue Vixens special! for mini skulks

  • DevOps+IOT+Security: No Secrets

  • Debunking Myths: Burnout Culture & Junior Dev4Life

    Don't glorify burnout culture! and many other things..

  • Copy of VueVixens: Badassery in 2018

  • Vue-UI Like a boss


  • Real Developer Syndrome

    Keeping ourselves healthy!!

  • Introducing Vue Vixens

    For Skulk Launches

  • Dockerising NUXT FTW

    Docker rocks my socks

  • vueployment

    Makes your life easier

  • Deployment 101 para Frontenders

    Tips & tricks para deployar tus apps: Bueno Bonito y Barato o.. GRATIS!

  • Debunking Myths!

    Food for thought eh!

  • Rompiendo Mitos: Síndrome del Impostor

    Alguien quiere pensar en lxs Devs??!!!

  • Vue Vixens Argentina

    Presentación de Vue Vixens Argentina en @vuenos_aires

  • GraphQL & Apollo

    Presentacion original de Natalia Tepluhina

  • Making your Vue app reactive with RxJS

    By Natalia!