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🎤 Angular Vietnam

📍 Ho Chi Minh City @ 24 Sep 2022

This talk represents my own personal opinion and experience

About me

Hi, My name's Trung 😊

  • Staff Software Engineer @Ascenda
  • Author of Angular Spotify, Jira Clone, Tetris
  • Founder @Angular Singapore
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How can I become a successful engineer?

Three common things that I see in the successful engineer

1. Proactive

  • Read the documentation is a MUST
  • Engineering !== Copy & Paste
  • Try searching for an answer BEFORE asking

How NOT to ask?

  • "Hi there"

  • Too trivial problems

  • Expect other people do the work for you

  • Showing that you are lazy


What is proactive, really?


Put in the simplest of terms, being proactive means doing the things you need to do before you need to do them—like regularly changing the oil in your car instead of waiting for it to start sputtering and spewing smoke

I everyone "prefer" to work with
proactive people

  • Communicating well
    • Ask when you don't understand
    • Don't pretend that you understand while you don't
    • Inform people when you're not there vân vân mây mây)
  • Manage your tasks
    • Plan ahead
    • Have a to-do list and prioritise tasks
    • Manage your calendar, book meetings in advance
    • Honour your commitments
    • Follow up and provide timely updates
  • Building up your skills

Building up your skills
You need to

Take action based on where you want to be, not based on where you are 😏

Hành động dựa trên mục tiêu, chứ không phải dựa vào vị trí hiện tại

2. Find your edge

Edge is that extra advantage you have over your competitor. Something you have that your opponent or other players in the game you are playing do not have.

  • Technical skill 🙄
  • People skill
  • Communication skill
  • Networking skill
    • Join community → audience/presenter/organizer 
    • Follow great people

"Smart" is not a property It's a thing that could be learn


Every great individual became exceptional for reasons


Are you able to have the same tradeoff?

AND what's your tradeoff?

3. Have heart
a.k.a có tâm

Anh chụp ảnh không "có tâm" gì cả?




  • Có trách nhiệm
  • Có bug không "cãi nhau" với tester
  • Code của mình phải test trước khi dí lên staging
  • Commit chi tiết, đúng format
  • PR phải có screenshots, có chi tiết vì sao bạn chọn hướng đi như vậy, giải thích/thêm comment những đoạn code khó, đề cập đến việc thế nào để test, có thể break chỗ nào trong ứng dụng đang chạy, vân vân mây mây
  • Tôn trọng đồng nghiệp khi code review, không coi thường người khác. Góp ý nhã nhặn, mang tính xây dựng, không công kích cá nhân.

4. Suggest

Manage your goal, targets, and tasks.

Read books



Speak at

Build a side project

Effective communication
Active listening
Conflict resolution
Persuasion and influencing skills
Relationship building
Social skills

Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
Active listening skills
Interpersonal relations
Social competence
Soft skills
Transferable Skills
Teamwork Skills
Leadership Skills
Computer Skills
Conceptual Skills
Time Management
Interpersonal Skills
Problem Solving
Organizational Skills

You will forget everything I say today, I know :)

Ask yourself everyday:

Have you become better than yesterday?

Trending mới về lập trình trong thời gian tới?

Anh ơi ở bên Sing tuyển nhiều vị trí/ công nghệ/ tech stack nào

Em mới chỉ có 1-2-3 năm kinh nghiệm thì có cơ hội không?

Anh ơi em không giỏi thuật toán leetcode lắm thì có cơ hội không

Sau bao lâu tôi có thể trở thành Tech Lead

Thank you!

Better everday

By Trung Vo

Better everday

Deck for Angular Vietnam 3rd in-person meetup. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 24 Sep 2022

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