Enhance your dev workflow with the power of Storybook

Vladimir Novick

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Web Architect & Senior Consultant


Web / Mobile




  • You are familiar with React

  • You are familiar with ES2015

  • You like cool tools

  • You want to be productive

How we create

User Interfaces in React

We have lots of reusable components


Our components are functions of state and props

We use component composition and functional programming

We have amazing



We have Redux

& Mobx



We have a set of problems

Not that kind of problems

  • lots of props in components

  • lots of edge cases

  • components become harder to test

  • harder to mock

  • harder to style

  • we have visual bugs

  • harder for new developers to get in

  • designers and product are not aware what can be reused

  • no documentation

How Our workflow looks like


CDD - Component Driven Development

Build your application from components level to screens level

  • Focus development
  • Increase UI coverage
  • Receive early feedback
  • Build component libraries
  • Parallelize development
  • Test visually

Visual TDD

A technique used with the help of Component Explorers to apply TDD methodologies to CDD

Component Explorers

an isolated environment for your modular UI that lives alongside your production app

It's time to tell stories

with React Storybook

  • Isolated UI environment outside of your app (Component Explorer)

  • Where you can create interactive user stories for your components

  • Can be extended with plugin system to enable live documentation and testing

  • A great tool for web developer/web designer/product manager/qa

  • is fun

What is a Storybook

What is a story

Story is a visual state of ui component

Demo time

Let's begin

Install storybook

Run storybook

Generate storybook

What do we get

Isolated environment running on port 9009

environment built by create-react-app with same defaults

Babel, ES2016+, .babelrc, webpack, css, images and static files, json loader

config.js - storybook configuration

stories - all your stories go there

stories/index.js - our stories endpoint

Writing Stories

import { 
  storiesOf, action, linkTo 
} from '@kadira/storybook';

storiesOf('Button', module)
  .add('with text', () => (
    <Button onClick={
        action('clicked')}>Hello Button</Button>
  .add('with some emoji', () => (
    <Button onClick={
        action('clicked')}>😀 😎 👍 💯</Button>

Logging Actions

<Button onClick={action('clicked')}>Hello Button</Button>

By using action('caption')

we tell storybook to log function arguments to Action logger pannel

Linking stories

storiesOf('Welcome', module)
  .add('to Storybook', () => (
    <Welcome showApp={linkTo('Button')}/>

By using linkTo('storyOf', 'story name')

we tell storybook to link between stories.


import { configure } from '@kadira/storybook';

function loadStories() {

configure(loadStories, module);


  • require stories

  • configure addons

  • import global css styles


  • live documentation

  • Jest snapshot testing

  • specs panel

  • notes panel

  • dynamic props panel


Demo time


build for later deployment as static site:

npm run build-storybook

run snapshot tests:

npm run test-storybook

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Enhance your development workflow with the power of Storybook

By vladimirnovick

Enhance your development workflow with the power of Storybook

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