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Downstream Gene Expression

Small fluctuations in Activator



Coordination is good

Noise in Gene Expression

Intrinsic: Affect to only one gene.

E.g. RNApolymerase binding to a promoter

Inherent to the Gillespie Algorithm

Extrinsic: Affect to all genes

E.g. Fluctuations in the levels of the RNApolymerase

Modelled with a Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process

Emergence of Coordination

from noise in gene expression

TATA box example

Lots of genes in stress response in yeast have a TATA box.

Is that advantage due to coordination?

Has noise evolved?



Small fluctuations in the Activator

coordinate expression of Downstream genes.

Even Infrequent coordination helps to bet-hedge

against sudden changes in the environment.

They do this without cost (Not shown).

Noise can produce the fluctuations.


By Javier GB

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