Mapping the future with OpenStreetMap

getting ready for future addresses for the municipality fusions

15 become 7

And they like unique addresses


Let's map it even firster!

Plan of attack

Do all of the hard work now,

the flick the switch on December 31st

Data model for streets

  • name = Current Name
  • proposed:name= Future Name
  • fixme:name = WikiProject_Belgium/Municipality_Fusions



  • name = Future Name
  • old_name= Current Name

So what about addresses themselves?

out meta;
out meta qt;

Show 'em on a mapp

You want to find the way in the future?




Mapping the future with OpenStreetMap

By joost schouppe

Mapping the future with OpenStreetMap

How OpenStreetMap Belgium handles the Flemish municipality fusions

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