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Usability Testing

Conducting Usability Tests

Conducting Usability Tests

What are they?


Why do you conduct them?


How do you conduct them?


When do you conduct them?

Conducting Usability Tests

Types of Usability Tests

  • Moderated
  • Unmoderated
  • In person
  • Remote

Usability Test Resources

Migrating a WordPress Site

Develop site in a test environment

  • Live Server
  • MAMP environment

Export MySQL database, backup media from Uploads folder

Alternatively, use WP-Backup, Tools>Export, or other plugin

  • Import into live WP installation


Recommended: Dreamhost or Hostgator

  • Excellent customer service
  • Focused on the developer, not end-user
  • Minimal down-time
  • Affordable shared hosting or more expensive dedicated hosting
  • Domain registration plus hosting services


  • Hosting Services
  • Shared
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Private Server

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO

How Does Google Determine Search Ranking?

Optimizing your site so it appears higher on search results pages.

Google search will give your posts more frequently to searchers in a specific location or circle.

Boosting SEO

  • Put keywords in permalinks
  • Choose post-name or custom structure for permalinks
  • Use hyphens to separate keywords in the URL, not underscores
  • Only use H1 for page and post titles, and only once per page
  • Use keywords in image names, and meaningful Title and Alt attributes.
  • Allow for broad discoverability by tagging posts meaningfully.

Boosting SEO

  • Use https
  • Slow load time lowers rating
  • Use Inbound links: blogs/social media are great ways to increase inbound links
  • Mobile friendly
  • Accessible
  • Well written code (to standards)
  • Create a sitemap

Chrome Dev Tools

  • Great for helping to determine page time
  • Also can help to see what the code is doing and find/eliminate any errors
  • Also helps determine how the site will perform on mobile devices

SEO Resources/Tools


Analytics Tools

1. Google Analytics


2. Jetpack for WordPress

Goals for Analytics

  • Types: Destination (e.g. thanks.html (can be counted as a conversion)
  • Duration
  • Pages/Screens per visit
  • Event, e.g. played a video

Analytics Resources

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