• Ted Blenkers -4 reasons why cruise travel is still the best option

    Ted Blenkers tells us about all the advantages that cruise travel had compared to traditional shore vacations. Visit many destinations. Unpack once This is possibly the great advantage of cruising. Few traveling experiences (I did not find another one) allow the traveler to unpack once, and transport times are also fun. Only a cruise allows you to travel with your hotel everywhere. Your boat will take you from city to city, from port to port, and it will avoid the lost times of airports, transport to hotels, checkings

  • Ted Blenkers Features of the Most Popular Cruise Ships: Pros and Cons

    Possibly the questions most asked by those who want to cruise the first time: What is the cruise line that is best for me? Which one suits my style of traveler? The most veteran cruise passengers discover that there is a shipping company and ship for each type of person as different ships and companies are tested. Currently the offer is so wide that there will surely be one that fits perfectly with your tastes and way of traveling.

  • Ted Blenkers-How is the command deck of a cruise ship

    The cruise ship bridge is one of the most important and yet inaccessible places on a ship.  They will rarely let us in there, although there are companies that organize small internal excursions to learn about some of the daily routines on the high seas. From this command bridge, absolutely everything is controlled, from navigation to compliance with established schedules.

  • Ted Blenkers The different types of yachts

    Ted Blenkers captain with different maritime licenses, tells us a little about the different types of yacht that are currently sailing through the marine waters. Join us and learn to differentiate them so you can live a unique experience. One of the leisure options par excellence in the maritime world is the yacht, a type of boat that is used only for recreational purposes

  • Ted Blenkers How to identify a fishing boat?

    In order for information on a fishing vessel to be verified with records or lists of fishing vessels, identifiers must be assigned to the vessels. These may be of two type: • The Unique Ship Identifier (IUB • Ship identifiers that are assigned by the flag State when a ship is registered.

  • Ted Blenkers Why mark fishing boats?

     Fishing vessels need to be marked so that they can be easily identified according to international standards. The correct use of the marking of the vessels allows the fishing vessel to be related to its identity, as recorded in the vessel records. This allows retrieval of operational and / or historical information related to the vessel, including fishing authorizations and other authorizations.

  • Ted Blenkers Advantages of taking a sailor on board

    Many of our most experienced clients, with a nautical-sports license, including some owners of their own pleasure boats, ask us to rent boats without skipper. However, most of our charter boats, especially the newer ones, are from private owners that only allow rental with crew. If it is not with the employer, at least with a sailor enrolled on board who will handle all the tedious tasks on board, the guards, the dinghy, the exterior cleaning, etc.

  • Ted Blenkers Sub Captain Ship

    He is a technical assistant of the shipping company, appointed by him and with employment relationship with representative powers.

  • Ted Blenkers-Use the radio on board or mobile phone?

    Radiocommunications equipment is one of the essential safety elements on board, although they are not usually given enough attention, nor do they value its importance until we are forced to use them.

  • Ted Blenkers What are the differences between the powers of the PPER and those of the Yacht Captain PRO?

    The PPER A can sail as a professional in motor boats of up to 24 meters in length and up to 60 miles of the coast with 12 passengers (plus the crew), in addition, as for training it can be an instructor of homologated practices of recreational titles : LN, GNP and PER. On the other hand, PPER B has the same powers as PPER A but can also separate up to 150 miles from the coast and teach Radio practices in the PNB and PER courses. The PPER B is obtained by performing an additional STCW General Operator course of the SMSSM.

  • Ted Blenkers-What are the differences between Captain Yacht PRO and the PPER?

    The number of passengers and the distance of separation from the coast are the main differences, in terms of attributions between one qualification and the other, being higher than those of the PPER.

  • Ted Blenkers -What are the new powers of the Yacht Captain?

    The new attributions of the Captain of the Yacht are professionals, that is, qualifications that allow commercial activities with a pleasure boat of up to 24 meters in length at a maximum distance of 5 miles from the coast.

  • Ted Blenkers - Do you know the new powers of the Yacht Captain?

    The title of Captain of the Yacht now allows to carry out commercial activities with a pleasure boat as Captain of Yacht PRO. The Yacht Captain PRO, with limited professional qualifications, can be considered the gateway to the PPER, so far, the most complete title for working with pleasure boats.

  • Ted Blenkers - Sea Captain

    I am Ted Blenkers; an experienced ship captain who knows everything about the sea and still admires it deeply every day. The best time of my entire career was when I worked in Alaska as a fishing captain from 1995 to 2007.This period allowed me to have lots of free time so I captained many research and survey vessels in the US international water, West Coast of Canada, and Mexico. We did a lot of great work from ROV operations, dragging sensors, core samples, and tsunami buoy deployment. We also worked with varies governmental agencies such as NOAA, USGS, US Navy, and many international survey companies.

  • Ted Blenkers - Yacht Captain

    Before believing yourself the yacht captain, listen to these tips There are many people who decide to rent a boat with or without a skipper to sail during their vacations. Many of them get carried away by the excitement of the trip and do not always have the preparations ready before sailing. Stay tuned for the advice that Ted Blenkers yacht captain gives us to start your sea route

  • Ted Blenkers - Process to become captain of a cruise ship

    The first thing you need is determination, and having great dedication and patience, because becoming a ship captain requires several qualifications and many hours of navigation, which will lead you to have experience on board the different boats.

  • Ted Blenkers - What is a yacht

    A yacht is any ship or pleasure boat. Pleasure craft is defined as any one of any kind, regardless of its means of propulsion, whose hull has a length between 2.5 and up to 24 meters, measured according to the criteria set in the applicable harmonized standards and projected for sports purposes or leisure, with or without profit, and boats designed for training purposes for recreational boating.

  • Ted Blenkers - Titles and certificates

    To carry out any maritime professional activity it is essential to obtain the certificate of Basic Training in Maritime Safety, a complete training that is based on the following four basic pillars: survival at sea, fire fighting, safety at work and first aid. Only centers approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine can issue this certificate. From there, and depending on the characteristics of the ship or the functions to be carried out on board, other professional maritime specific certificates will be mandatory. In addition to certificates, in order to work on board, regardless of the occupation, it is essential to have the maritime passport, a kind of official identity document on the high seas, unique and non-transferable. The personal information of the holder is included in the book and all the embarks and landings are registered

  • Ted Blenkers - How to work on a ship

    If you like the sea and you have an adventurous spirit, maybe working on a boat is a work outing you are looking for, which will allow you to realize your dreams, get to know the world and discover new horizons every day.

  • Ted Blenkers - Types of captains

    The duties of the captains vary some what depending on the type of ship they command for example, there are boat captains, ferry captains, tugboat captains and rental boat captains.



  • Ted Blenkers - Sailor Cover

    The sailor's duties include riding a guard, in which the sailor will lead the ship's government, following the instructions of the bridge officer and, in general, assisting the officer on duty, performing routine maintenance tasks and any other entrusted by the officer . They can also carry out cover surveillance and accommodation, maintenance of lifeboats and liferafts, rescue boats, as well as emergency tasks and damage control.

  • Ted Blenkers - Sailor/Marine Cover

    In nautical, Marino is the generic denomination that all the members of the ... studios like Engineer (nautical), maritime and transport (pilot) or Marine Engineer (machines) receive, in addition there are deck and machine crew.

  • Ted Blenkers — What you should NOT do on a cruise — before, during and at the end

    Some, although they seem obvious, are still carried out by many people who, due to lack of knowledge or irresponsibility, cause their travel experiences to be ruined.

  • Ted Blenkers -What is a ship consignee and what are your responsibilities?

    Today, maritime transport is essential for the internationalization of all transport services. It is one of the most used transport for its safety, load capacity and economy. In port operations there are different agents in maritime trade, one of them, is key to the whole strategy of the logistics chain. Do you know who the ship consignee is and what is his figure for? Read on this article and we will explain it in detail.

  • Ted Blenkers - Fishing boats

    The best time of my entire career was when I worked in Alaska as a fishing captain from 1995 to 2007.- Ted blenkers

  • Ted Blenkers -The obligations of the captain

     - In his capacity as delegate of the public authority, for the safety and salvation of the ship, people and cargo, the captain is especially obliged to

  • Ted Blenkers - The crew of a cruise ship and their ranges

    On many occasions as passengers on ships and cruises, we live together or identify some crew members, but we cannot identify or ignore their rank or it is difficult for us to identify who is in charge of the ship in which we travel.

  • Ted Blenkers - What does a Deck officer?

    Deck Officers work on vessels, such as cruise ships, boats, merchant ships or any type of water vehicle that transports passengers or merchandise through oceans, coasts and inland waters. Its main responsibility includes the performance of daily operations to maintain the operability of the ship. The Deck Officers are part of a team, in which each member is designated a crucial task to keep the vessel in top condition and to perform activities related to navigation.

  • Ted Blenkers - Ship Security and Protection

    The safety and security of the ship is a complex and very bureaucratic issue involving numerous agencies and has involved an effort by crews, shipping companies and international organizations to keep the ship and crew in an environment as safe as possible.

  • Ted Blenkers - Ship Captain Functions

    The captain or commander is the person in charge of the command of a ship at sea. That person may also be designated "patron", in these cases normally when they are responsible for the government of small or coastal vessels or when they do not belong to the ranks of military officers. In ordinary language, the captains or patterns of pleasure boats are often referred to as "skippers" (English term that comes from the Dutch schipper, derived from schip which means "ship").

  • Ted Blenkers -Navy deck officers work on navy vessels

    The transfer of cargo from a vessel to a navy vessel implies responsibilities slightly different from those of a junior skipper. These may include piloting control helicopters, liaising between different vessels, and controlling sophisticated handling equipment.

  • Ted Blenkers-Navigation officers

    Navigation officers are responsible for vessel navigation. They check that the cargo is safe and stable, supervise the crew members and ensure that their ship is in a position to navigate. Normally there are two main departments on board: deck and machines. The deck service works on the general operation of the ship. The responsibilities of the navigation officer are the control of communications, cargo and stability, and maintenance and safety of the vessel.

  • Ted Blenkers-Nautical qualifications-what title do I need?

    Completing the chain of nautical recreational titles will reach the top, Captain of the yacht, and with this title you can go around the world by boat. All basic titles are enabled for motor navigation. If you prefer to take sailboats, you just have to complement your title with complementary sailing practices.

  • Ted Blenkers - What do the captain of a ship and the director of a company have in common?

    It is likely that you have never considered this simile, but the truth is that they have many things in common. The life of the entrepreneur or director of a company and that of a ship captain, are lives of full dedication, learning, leadership and sacrifice

  • Ted Blenkers - Main functions of Deck Officers

    Deck Officers work on all types of vessels, therefore, it is essential to have knowledge and interest in navigation operations when applying for a job in this field. These professionals can be hired by private transport companies, cruise lines, passenger or cargo ships, for which it is essential that the candidate has an academic background in Nautical Sciences, Mechanical or Maritime Engineering, Merchant Operations, among others.

  • Ted Blenkers - 10 steps to be a cruise ship captain (hard but not impossible)

    Ted Blenker Ship Captain - I seek employment on a ship or a vessel where I can prove myself as one of the best ship captains and utilize my great experience and skills in the maritime industry.

  • Ted Blenkers - Ship Inspection PT2

    Access to ships This section contains instructions on how to board ships safely. The legislation requires the captain of a ship to provide safe means to embark and disembark those who develop authorized activities on board.

  • Ted Blenkers - Ship Inspection Pt1

    Ted Blenkers can be described as a sea captain, ships captain, captain, master, or shipmaster. He is a licensed mariner who has complete responsibility for everything happening on the vessel.

  • Ted Blenkers-What does a Ship Captain do?

    A captain's responsibilities are wide-ranging in expertise and include navigation, operation of the ship's equipment, business functions, and the assignment and monitoring of duties performed by all crew members. Ensuring all equipment receives proper maintenance and follows environmental regulations also falls under their jurisdiction.

  • Ted Blenkers- What is a Ship Captain?

    A ship captain is the leader of an entire vessel, which can range in size from a small yacht to an entire cruise liner. He or she has vast experience with ships and their operation, and has likely worked their way through the ranks of other ship-related positions.Ted Blenkers Ship Captain — is a licensed mariner who has complete responsibility for everything happening on the vessel. Best ship captain, Ship Lover.

  • Ship Captains - Ted Blenkers

    Ship captains are responsible for the business, navigation and operation of all types of boats. The captain works with officers and crews to establish the speed and direction of a ship, monitor the positions of a ship and avoid hazards.The captains also ensure that your ship's engines and equipment are well maintained and that proper safety procedures are followed. In addition, they can monitor the loading and unloading of passengers and cargo, keep records and document pollution control efforts. Ship captains can spend long periods of time away from home.

  • Ted Blenkers

    My name is Ted Blenkers and I am a ship captain. I have been going to the sea since I was 10 years old. My father was a sailor and professional fisher who worked on the west coast of Canada for as long as I can remember. I worked with him since I was 10. The sea to me is everything; I do not even realize my life without it.