• Emails are designed for screen resolution. 
  • "Safe Size": 550 - 600px wide by auto height at 72dpi
  • Emails are cut then coded using HTML/CSS
  • Don't have to worry as much about using web safe fonts
  • Use RGB colors
  • Images at 72dpi

Designing Emails

  • Keep visual hierarchy in mind. Logo, navigation and any important information should be at the top
  • Unless it's a "newsletter", keep copy to a minimum
  • 2-3 columns work best
  • Use images to support the copy
  • Images on the left / text on the right
  • Make sure "calls to action" stand out and look "clickable"
  • Use color to help emphasize importance
  • Incorporate branding colors/fonts/images to make it clear on whose sending the message

Creating Copy for Emails

  • Copy should be short 
  • Bullet point when necessary
  • Use headlines to help draw the eye down the email
  • Create a subject line that isn't spammy

Creating Copy for Emails

  • Message should be focused
  • Encourage engagement on other platforms
  • Think of "creative calls to action" that describes where the user is going. 

Examples of Good/Bad Emails

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