Social Media


Why is Social Media so important?
Why do I have to incorporate it into a branding project?
Why do we have to learn about it?
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  • Allows for 2 way conversation
  • Based on one of the most effective ways of advertising - Word of Mouth
  • Communication is targeted and personalized
  • A channel to help content "go viral"

All content posted on Social Media sites should be related to the brand.


  • Measured by "Likes", "Shares"
  • A way to engage users in the brand. Keep them updated and informed
  • Contests are often used as a way to gain "brand awareness" about new products or services (like gate and share gates)
  • As a moderator, you should have the always keep the customers best interests in mind. Be polite and have manners.
  • Chapstick: What not to do.
  • What to do: Bonefish Grill 

Facebook Contests

  • Keep content short
  • Award some type of incentive for sharing
  • Types include: voting, entry, couponing
  • Can be in the facebook environment or on a website



  • Measured by "re-tweets" and followers
  • Can use the hashtag to see how many people are retweeting
  • A way to keep users up to date in real time. Think of it as a broadcast
  • Apps/Contests are often use to engage users

Twitter Contests

  • Utilize twitters capabilities- photos, video (through vine) or the character limit
  • Keep sign up forms short
  • Platforms include Q&A, Photo contests, Retweet/Follow Sweeps, or Creative Answer
  • Can't run contests in the Twitter environment




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